Video Review: Definitive Technology Demand D7 Bookshelf Speakers

Definitive Technology Demand D7 Speakers

Definitive Technology Demand D7 bookshelf speakers…

At CEDIA 2017 Definitive Technology unveiled the new Demand Series consisting of three bookshelf models, the Demand D7 ($499/pair), D9 ($749/pair), and D11 ($999/pair). All three are sold as matching pairs that feature offset, 1″ waveguide-mounted aluminum-dome tweeters.

The Demand D7 is the smallest model of the bunch. It is a ported design with a 4.5″ polypropylene BDSS (Balanced Double Surround System) woofer plus the 1″ tweeter, and offers a +/-3 dB frequency response of 67 Hz to 21 kHz and a “total frequency response” of 57 Hz to 24 kHz. Definitive technology suggests a crossover of 80 Hz, impedance is 8 ohms, sensitivity is 85 dB, and power handling is rated at up to 125 watts.

Each D7 speaker measures 9.75″ (H) x 5.5″ (W) x 8.75″ (D),  weighs 10.5 pounds, and comes with detachable magnetic cloth grills. There is a single pair of recessed gold-plated binding posts on the rear, which can accept banana plugs. Also, each Demand D7  has an integrated threaded insert for compatibility with wall-mount brackets.

In addition to the three new Demand speaker models, Definitive Technology also offers a dedicated stand for the series, the Demand ST1 ($399/pair). Based on what I heard on the show floor at CEIDA back in September, the Demand Series from Definitive Technology earned a “Best of CEDIA 2017.” Check out the video review to see and hear how the Demand D7 speakers performed in a home environment.

Reviewing the Demand D7s was a pleasure. The pair provided a detailed and engaging listening experience free from audible distortion. A wide soundstage, accurate imaging, and clear treble were strong suits. When combined with a competent subwoofer, these stand-mount speakers serves as superb satellites. Whether they are used in a 2.0, 2.1, or surround-sound application, the Demand D7 bookshelf speakers from Definitive Technology deliver sonic excellence, making them an online-shashki Forum Top Choice for 2017.

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