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Useful information about the game of augmented reality Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go is the role-playing mobile game of augmented reality from the Pokemon series. Published by Niantic and primarily marketed in the USA, New Zealand and Australia. In just 7 days after the release, the game received great popularity and raised the cost of the owner of the brand Pokemo

The advantages of living in houses made of wood.


Recently, in the territory of our country, country houses made of wood logging have become of special demand. This trend of popularization is not just observed, since in this case many advantages and conveniences are provided. In order that each buyer could understand this question, it is recommended to note the most important positive aspects of the implementation of such construction.

In the Pechersk district of Kiev plan to build a new home


In the Pechersk district of Kiev they plan to build a new housing. The Department of Urban Development and Architecture of Kiev reported that a public discussion began on a detailed project for the construction of residential buildings in the Pechersk district.

Fun is a familiar companion of minion games, and physical education is like a nice bonus.


Many have seen the minions on the screen. Surely most wanted to have at the same. It has become real and accessible to everyone. The world is represented by a flying minion - an incredible toy that can fly. Popularity came to the minions immediately after the cartoon "

How to choose the date of the wedding


For professional astrologers who help choose the date of the wedding with the help of elective astrology. However, not only for them. It is worth noting that even if you are not familiar with such a science as astrology or you have only minimal knowledge in this area, it will also be quite useful.

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Checkers are different:


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Chinese checkers are played on the board in the form of a six-pointed star. Chinese checkers can play up to six players. If two are playing ...

Options checkers

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• Samoyeds - players have the opportunity to knock down both strangers and their checkers. Therefore, the main task is to place the chips in such a way that ...

Post Checkers

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Pillar checkers (towers, pillars, multi-level checkers) is a special kind of checkers game in which battered checkers are not removed from ...

Whose older?

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Number the cells on the board as shown in the figure. Write on the checkers the same numbers that numbered the cells d ...

Royal Checkers (Tours)

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Differences of royal drafts from pillar drafts: - any simple (and hence subsequently formed) checker and a tour with ...

Reverse checkers

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Reverse checkers or giveaways - checkers with the reverse goal of the game - to lose all of their checkers: to make the enemy "eat" or "lock ..."

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Best game:

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Chinese checkers

Chinese checkers - Ancient as the world, the Chinese puzzle game is now on your computer! Enjoy!

Video lesson:

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Gonyayev bayonet

One of the options for building a bayonet Gonyaeva to catch one lady against three.

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The game of checkers - a form of development of mathematical abilities

In the series of intellectual games, chess occupy almost the first place. But the checkers are close to them. Checkers - fascinating and ... To read...

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Comparative characteristics of the forms of intellectual game

The article was published in the largest Belarusian pedagogical journal Adukatsy i ikhavanne, No. 9, 2007. In the article ... To read...

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Playing checkers with a computer

Despite the modern level of development of digital and computer technologies, such, at first glance, elementary game, like shash ... To read...

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English checkers

About the game English checkers is a two-player strategy board game played on a square checkerboard. This game ... To read...