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These days all the attention of sports fans is focused on the football fields of Africa, where my beloved Brazil "turned down" in a match with the Dutch. Brazil without Ronaldinho is not the same. And Maradona's words about the collapse of European football are clearly exaggerated. Ghana could surprise, but happiness was on the side of the Uruguayans. Looked great Argentina. But the Bundes machine just swept it out of its way. Still, German pharmacology is one of the best in the world ...

However, I will not take away the bread from football experts and talk about what is happening on the small fields, boards.

In the Russian Republic of Sahe, the World Cup in women's drafts has been completed. The ex-president of the FMJD (World Drafts Federation) Vladimir Ptitsyn argues that it is not a job that is in love with his sport. The tournament, in which all the strongest chess players of the world participated, was held at the highest level.

The winner was the champion of Russia Matrona Nogovitsyna from Yakutsk. Until the last day, 11-time world champion Zoya Golubeva from Latvia was in the lead, but the defeat in the final round from another Russian woman, Tamara Tansykkuzhina (Ufa), pushed Zoya to third place. The second was taken by Bashkir - also titled athlete. Only the 4th finished our world champion Daria Tkachenko, on the 6th position was another Ukrainian Olga Baltazhi.

But if domestic stokletochniki this season are unsuccessful, then Evpatoria’s Oscar-2009, world drafts champion-64 Sergey Belosheev beats without a single slip. At the beginning of the year Crimean easily won the first stage of the World Cup in Chelyabinsk. It was even easier for him to win the second stage, which was held on his native land in Evpatoria. About this tournament a little more.

In 1976, the efforts of the drafts enthusiasts - Dnepropetrovsk Emil Shomshtein and the beginning Crimean organizer Vitaly Zhuk in Dzhankoy held the first all-union tournament in memory of the Hero of the Soviet Union Yakov Chapichev, which later became traditional. For a long time at these competitions the strongest masters of the Union honed their skills. They, as well as other tournaments, grew as an organizer Vitaly Makarovich Zhuk.

We often write about the athletes, their results, but less about the people who make these athletes great. Today, the honored worker of physical culture and sports of Ukraine, the honored coach of the country, the vice president of the Ukrainian Drafts Federation, a member of the executive committee of the Ukrainian Chess Federation and just the director of the Republican Youth Chess and Drafts School, Vitaly Zhuk continues to do his job. A decent master of Russian drafts, in his time he was not inferior to such luminaries as Viktor Barabashev, Mikhail Rakhunov, Mark Mokrovich and others. And today he is devoting his life to educating the young generation and organizing high level competitions.

So, the world dragon king Sergei Belosheev did not appear by chance. First Anatoly Rzyanin, and later on Vitaliy Zhuk made an outstanding athlete from his pupil.

However, back to the tournament itself. By decision of the President of Section 64, the three-time winner of the Chapichev Vladimir Langin Memorial this year's competition in Evpatoria became the World Cup stage. They were attended by drafts of five countries. Belosheev showed a brilliant result - 7.5 points out of 9. In second place was the Mariupol international master, ex-champion of Ukraine Yevgeny Novikov. In the third - Kiev residents Vadim Lapin.

... Literally in the last days of the long-suffering, I will not be afraid of this word, the event did take place in Dneprodzerzhinsk. The city of metallurgists is famous not only as a forge of communist leaders. The current manual is warm to intellectual games. The city has an excellent chess and checkers club, good organizers, interesting international tournaments are constantly held. Last year, a local enthusiast, Leonid Broytman, agreed with the FMJD Directorate to hold a children's team Olympiad in stock-checkers. But the president of the Drafts Federation of Ukraine, Anatoly Yatsenko, did not give the go-ahead. By law has the right. This year Dneprodzerzhinsk is 260 years old, and the city’s leadership has nevertheless managed to insist on holding a dragon Olympics. Teams from 11 countries first played the blitz medals. The first place was taken by the Dutch. The second is not a checkered country, China (it began to cultivate checkers after the Olympics in Beijing, and now there is a real boom). And only in the third - Russia. The team of Ukraine was the result of the 7th. The modest beginning did not bother the Ukrainian dragon players, and they conducted the main program with dignity, winning bronze medals. Gold and silver, respectively, the Russians and the Dutch ...

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