In checkers professionally - Tournaments - Competitions on checkers held in Khabarovsk

Competitions on checkers held in Khabarovsk

In checkers professionally - Tournaments

In Khabarovsk, from September 19 to September 22, the personal championship of this city in the game of Russian drafts among children was held. Participated in the competition approx. 60 guys. The event took place on the territory of the Impuls Center for Children and Youth, as reported by the spokesman for the Khabarovsk city administration. “In general, Russian drafts 2013 is an intellectual sport that contributes to the development of concentration, logic of thinking, the ability to accurately and quickly calculate the likely a series of moves for the enemy and myself, ”said Anastasia Lyutova, who is a leading specialist in sports and physical education. Also, all lovers of drafts are allowed to participate in the tournament, regardless of age and gender.

The competition was held in a round robin or Swiss system, which depended on the total number of participants. Prizewinners and winners of the competition were awarded diplomas and medals of the Department of Physical Education and Sport from the Khabarovsk administration.


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