In checkers professionally - Tournaments - Competition for checkers in Bashkortostan

Competition for checkers in Bashkortostan

In checkers professionally - Tournaments

Sports take place not only in large cities, but also in the villages. Proof of this is the Russian drafts tournament in the village of Insyagulovo, in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The competition was held under the direction of the group "Clever Girls and Clever People", in the premises of the kindergarten "Alenushka". Tournament participants very young talents from the preparatory group for school, as well as children from the middle group of kindergarten. Although the participants are still very young, they presented an independent approach to charges and behaved independently and confidently.

In the circle "Clever and clever" in-depth study of Russian drafts. It looks simple, but the strategic game has not lost its relevance for millennia, and the writer and admirer of this game Edgar Poe put the checkers higher in value than chess.

Chapter Rustam Razyapov not only teaches children how to play, but also leads own blog, where he talks about his work. He also confirms, like other lovers, that this game develops logic, intelligence, players become more diligent, and at the same time develops memory and imagination. And Madina Mukhametova from the preparatory group for school became the winner of the tournament. As a prize she received a certificate, incentive prize and good memories.

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