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The world has almost moved to online - news sites instead of newspapers, online stores instead of regular ones, Skype, icq, forums instead of personal communication, there was a place for entertainment.

Many games can be downloaded and played offline, but how long can you play with a computer? It quickly bothers, because the game is first of all communication, when playing with a soulless machine that does not know how to live, to be offended by a loss, or, on the contrary, to grin earnestly at the winnings, the excitement quickly diminishes. Quite another thing - the game online.

Pluses can be listed for a long time: you play with real people, you have the opportunity to simultaneously communicate via chat. True, you do not see the opponent's reaction to the move, but then he does not see yours either. In addition, the tone and smiles of messages in the chat can also draw conclusions, as well as try to confuse the opponent.

You can play around the clock: someone lives in another hemisphere, someone has nothing to do on the night shift, and someone just has insomnia - for the Internet there are no boundaries, and the distance does not matter. The rules of the game and the notation correspond to those accepted in the world - the language barrier is also not a hindrance.

The game is free or with minimal fees for participation, but if you wish, you can find options for playing for money.

If you don’t like to think long and it’s boring to wait for an answer - start several games at the same time! In addition, this will allow the beginner to gain experience in a short time, which is useful also for full-time tournaments.

Choose different versions of the game: Russian, checkers, international, giveaway.

Play against players of different levels - equal to you in strength, or stronger, or maybe you want to show beginners how to play checkers? At the same time, do not be afraid to be the weakest of all - both professionals and amateurs play online, there will always be a worthy opponent.

You can play against the computer if you want to get a hand first or just get used to the interface (this is easy to do - everything is convenient and intuitive). Many game servers have a training mode - both the rules, tactics and strategies of the game itself, and the capabilities of the game program. An additional selection of theoretical and practical information on intellectual games, including checkers, can be found on our website in the section on the corresponding game.

Checkers are calculated, it is useless to play against the computer. And if a rival secretly uses a computer program, all the more you will say. Nothing like this! - we will answer! Only the simplest version of checkers is checked - checkers, and the algorithm works for a very long time, it is possible to use it in the game by correspondence, but even the most cunning cheater will not be able to use the online checkers, and even with the time limit per move. In addition, we try to stop such attempts. It is worth noting that the time limit has its drawback: the quality of the game drops, since at some points in the game a careful assessment is required that takes time. But the excitement and interest of the parties and observers is growing.

In addition, a win-win algorithm is useless if the first moves draw or flying checkers are used. On a computer, they are very easy to implement, you do not have to draw lots - everything happens automatically. But at the same time - no scam, we guarantee it!

The game of checkers online consumes traffic, but technologies are developing, and now it is much less than a few years ago. In addition, high-speed and sometimes unlimited internet becomes more accessible every day. But if you have unstable or very expensive traffic - find out this question in advance. Disconnections are another problem with online games. But today's technologies largely compensate for this shortcoming, and the Internet connection becomes more reliable.

The player’s hardware requirements are minimal; virtually any home computer can handle the online game.

The game server is not only a virtual tournament hall, but also a community of like-minded people, lovers of intellectual entertainment. In addition to directly online games, you can see the games of other players, read and discuss comments or even write your own, as well as get tips from more experienced players.

Do not forget that the game server is not only checkers. Try yourself in other forms - chess, backgammon, go, otello, renju, corners, card preference, a thousand, deberts and others. At the same time, your current rivals (or maybe friends already?) Also often play not only checkers - your communication will continue.

The popularity of checkers in the world is rapidly falling. Prize funds in high-level professional tournaments cause a sad smile. But the checkers are alive! Alive thanks to the online community of fans of this fascinating and far from being as simple as it seems at first glance, the game.

Checkers online is communication, intellectual development and leisure at the same time. Welcome to the world of intellectual online games - join us!

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