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Competition for checkers in Bashkortostan

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Sports take place not only in large cities, but also in the villages. Proof of this is the Russian drafts tournament in the village of Insyagulovo, in the Republic of Bashkortostan. The competition was held under the direction of the group "Clever Girls and Clever People" in the premises of the kindergarten "Alenushka". Tournament participants very young talents from the preparatory group for school, as well as children from the middle group of kindergarten. Although the participants are still very young, they presented an independent approach to charges and behaved independently and confidently.

Competitions on checkers held in Khabarovsk

In checkers professionally - Tournaments

In Khabarovsk, from September 19 to September 22, the personal championship of this city in the game of Russian drafts among children was held. Participated in the competition approx. 60 guys. The event took place in the territory of the youth center "Impulse", as reported by the press secretary of the Khabarovsk city administration.

Russian Championship

In checkers professionally - Tournaments

Russian Championship

Personally-Team Championship of the Russian Federation held in parallel with the match

as a satellite tournament. Almost all the strongest take part in the tournament.

Russian players. The goal of the tournament is to identify the strongest region of the Russian Federation in the team

standings and selection for the championship of Russia in the individual standings.

History of the World Championships and the World Drafts Federation (FMJD)

In checkers professionally - Tournaments

history of the world championships and the World Drafts Federation (fmzhd)

The title of world champion in international drafts has been played since the end of the 19th century. The first (unofficial) world champions were alternately representatives of France and the Netherlands.

In 1947, the World Drafts Federation (FMJD) was created, which then officially holds the right to organize world championships in international drafts. Almost immediately after the formation of FMJD, the USSR became its member

Netherlands Championship (SSM-OMF-2010)

In checkers professionally - Tournaments

Netherlands Championship (schm-omf-2010)

Alexander Balyakin Emmen (Netherlands). Finished the next championship of the Netherlands in international men's 100 drafts. The championship is over - the champion remains the same. The new victory of Alexander Balyakin, this time, was more than convincing.

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