StormAudio Becomes an Independent Company

StormAudio is now an independent company, thanks to a recent agreement by Auro Technologies to sell the brand to Yves Trélohan, who has served as Auro Technologies’ Home Entertainment and Luxury Audio Product Division (StormAudio) Senior Vice President for the two years Auro technologies owned the brand.

In many ways, StormAudio is Trélohan’s project. He’s been guiding product development for the brand over the last five years. Now, with the help of Brussels-based Saffelberg Investments, a new company called Immersive Audio Technologies Group will own and run the StormAudio brand. Yves Trélohan is Managing Director, Shareholder and a Board Member.

Trélohan spoke to future of the company in this quote that was provided with the press release:

“I’m excited about this acquisition for many reasons. The response from the channel is that we’ve demonstrated technological superiority with the StormAudio product line. This has required both continuous hard work and expenditures on the product development side. The strong financial support provided by Saffelberg Investments will hugely benefit our StormAudio brand expansion as we set our sights on taking the brand to the number one position in the luxury immersive audio hardware category.

“While we maintain a great relationship with Auro, we are also excited about working more closely on technical and marketing initiatives with Dolby and DTS. For our dealers and distributors, we are committed to full sales, technical, and product development support, including full presence at CES, ISE and CEDIA Expos and many regional trade shows around the world.”

The deal was completed on December 1, 2017. Because the company was already organized as an independent business unit under Auro’s ownership, operations are uninterrupted and everything remains in place, from staff to website to phone numbers to warehouse facilities and—crucially—personnel.

On a related note, I have a StormAudio I.ISP 3D.16.12 integrated processor on extended loan. With that experience, I can say without reservation that I personally consider what it offers to be a tremendous platform upon which to build a 3D immersive audio system. And since this architecture extends to the dedicated processors the company offers, I’m excited to see what advances are rolled out in 2018. Based on Yves’ comments above, charting a path that’s independent of Auro—as far as ownership goes anyhow—looks like a good move.

I have linked the comments for this article to my existing StormAudio I.ISP 3D.16.12 hands-on post.

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