Samsung partners with Xbox to Show “Better 4K Gaming Experience”

Samsung QLED and Xbox One X

Today Samsung announced an exclusive  U.S. marketing and retail partnership with Xbox, the gaming platform from Microsoft. This fall, gamers will have an opportunity to experience the Xbox One X rendering vibrant and sharp 4K HDR graphics on Samsung QLED TVs at various locations throughout the US.

The Xbox One X promises to be a powerful performer, one that’s capable of rendering 4K HDR graphics that take advantage of the brilliant image quality and low input lag offered by Samsung’s 2017 QLED TVs.

“The arrival of true 4K UHD gameplay on Xbox One X this Fall gives gamers the perfect reason to upgrade their television,” said Eddie Combs, Vice President of Marketing for Samsung Electronics America. “If gamers are looking for a TV that delivers premium 4K HDR picture quality with industry leading design and smart functionality, then the QLED TV and Xbox One X are an unbeatable 4K gaming combination.”

Other benefits of QLED TVs for gamers is that they are highly impervious to image retention and burn-in. In fact, Samsung guarantees its QLED TVs will not suffer burn-in for life of the display. And QLED TVs are bright plus feature a highly effective anti-reflective screen coating, so you can game during the daytime or with the lights on.

The difference 4K and HDR made for videogames is dramatic, we’ve reached a point where we’re on the threshold of achieving true photorealism in videogame graphics. Personally, I’m looking forward to the release of Forza Motorsport 7, which promises to be a flagship title in terms of visuals. With so much graphics firepower coming to the living room, it sure is a great time to be a gamer.

“Xbox One X will bring true 4K gaming to console players for the first time with 40 percent more power than any other console,” said Mike Nichols, Corporate Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Xbox. “Samsung’s QLED 4K TV is our favorite way to play Xbox One X, and we’re thrilled to join forces with Samsung in the U.S. to deliver immersive 4K gaming experiences to our fans.”

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