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Checkers Games - Varieties of checkers

The winner of games in any checkers should not leave any opportunity to make a move to the opponent (take or lock so that the checker has nowhere to make a move). Russian checkers are perhaps the most relevant for lovers who can download the game on the phone and cut themselves into checkers at their leisure.

The game requires a game board of sixty-four cells. Each player is initially given twelve checkers, which must be placed on the first 3 rows of opposite sides of the board. Checkers can move only in dark cells. Simple checkers have such possibilities: move forward diagonally (1 square) and beat back and forth, while jumping over the opponent's lady or saber, which is removed from the board. The opponent’s checker for 1 move can only be beaten once (called the rule of the Turkish strike). Knocked enemy checkers must be removed after completing the turn You can not skip moves.

Tournaments for Russian checkers are now held in two versions: tournaments with a draw of moves and classic checkers. When the draw must be a list of the initial few moves. In the "flying checkers" variant, one player’s checker is initially in some other position.

International Checkers

Such checkers are very popular in Europe and among fans who prefer to download the game on the phone. Checkers international game board is divided into one hundred cells.

The rules of international drafts differ from Russian in the following:

1. An ordinary piece becomes a woman when she has finished her turn on the transformation field. When fighting through the field of transformation, it beats like a normal one. If an ordinary checker after the transformation field only has the chance to beat the queen, it is left on the transformation field, but it will be hit like the queen from the next turn.

2. If there is such an opportunity, then you can beat the maximum available number of opponent's checkers.

Altai checkers

Walk or hit any checkers that will be on your side of the playing field. Victory for the player on whose side of the field there will be no drafts.

Brazilian checkers

They are similar to international ones, but the playing field consists of 64 cells, each player is given 12 checkers.

English checkers

Board on 64 cells, 12 checkers for each player. Black begins the game. In normal checkers, the player can make moves and beat on a cell diagonally only forward, and the queen has the opportunity to walk on a diagonal cell back and forth, beat through a cell in any direction. Beat by the rules - necessarily. Jonathan Schaeffer proved that there is an algorithm for the game, how not to lose (made in the Chinook program). Following this algorithm, the player in English checkers will have at least a draw. This algorithm is still not optimal.

Poole is a popular version of the game in the US

The rules are similar to the rules in international checkers, but the board consists of 64 cells, each player is given 12 checkers. And do not beat the largest possible number of checkers.

Spanish checkers

They look like Brazilian ones, but the board is turned exactly 90 degrees. Checkers are placed on the first three rows of each side and only on white cells. And in this version of the game, simple checkers have no opportunity to beat back.

Giveaways (otherwise, reverse checkers)

The rules of this game are similar to the rules in international and Russian checkers, but the winner is the option that has lost itself (you must give or close all your checkers). Such checkers and game on the phone is also very exciting.

Post Checkers


The ancient Russian version, in which a knocked saber is not removed from the field, but is put under a shot-down.

Checkers for android

Checkers Games - Varieties of checkers

True intellectuals believe that there is no better game than chess. However, most people prefer to play an exciting and interesting game - checkers. There is a theory that checkers are even more ancient in their origin than chess.

These two different, at first glance, games have a lot in common. First of all, a person, playing in them, seeks to distract and have fun. But at the same time it gets an excellent training for the brain and the ability to analyze information, making the right conclusions. Checkers is a more subtle game, everything obvious in it can become completely unpredictable. In order to learn how to win in this game, you need to train a lot and the easiest way is to download checkers for android for free on the Internet. It will be possible to train anytime and anywhere.

Experience will help you achieve great results in the game. Only experience will allow to correctly assess the situation in the game and predict possible solutions. You can never give in to the first impression: a simple and winning, at first glance, move can be fatal for you. Therefore, the game of checkers is indispensable without analysis and cold reason. You need to see the checkerboard in scale, you only need to make decisions after analyzing all possible options for moves. Download the checkers on the tablet android, and the clarity of the game will be provided to you. You need to constantly improve your game.

If a person starts playing stamps, stops connecting knowledge and intuition - this is the right way to lose. Try every game to lead in a new way. If you feel that the inspiration has left you, then create motivation for the game. For example, download checkers for strip for android your phone and, clearly, the desire to win will increase several times. The game of checkers must be perceived as art, and, as is known, it requires effort and sacrifice. Want to win, learn to think clearly, and clothe your thoughts in clear and thoughtful actions. Sometimes you should not neglect your intuition, often a sixth sense can give us the right answer to the most difficult task!

Another advantage of the game of drafts is their invaluable positive impact on the development of care and diligence in children. When a child seriously begins to get involved in drafts, he acquires new skills: the ability to clearly and critically analyze the information received, to memorize several facts at the same time, to draw conclusions and patiently go to the goal. Scattered students and children in their eyes will become more attentive and focused. The skills gained in the game of checkers will be useful for the process of learning in school and for the development of the child as a whole. If chess for children is a difficult game, and they may not want to do it, then the situation with checkers is different. The very type of checkers is simpler and laconic and causes children more confidence, and they will become much more willing to play and play with them.

If a child is carried away with drafts, then your task is to develop and support this aspiration. The one who starts to play this wonderful game, further sets for itself the task of becoming a master in it. Skill will not come in one day, it will consist of a huge number of games played and thoughtful moves. The main thing to remember is that every new game is an experience, and experience is a sure key to success. Remember the main principle of checkers: the more moves you calculate, the longer you hold the game and the closer the victory!

Russian checkers

Checkers Games - Varieties of checkers

Checkers are seen by many as a fairly simple game, but at the same time checkers are a really interesting mental game, and they began to play it even before the advent of chess. The first lovers of the game of checkers were still in ancient Egypt, where during excavations a kind of checkerboard was found. And in Kievan Rus, the game was also already known, in the XV century. Checkers at that time were called Tawley. Nowadays in Russia, checkers are in high esteem. There are even written books on Russian drafts. Indeed, besides a simple pastime, with the help of such a game you can develop logical thinking and memory in adults and children. And at the end of the twentieth century they began to hold world drafts championships for checkers of various ages.

If you also wanted to play this game, and you decided to download the game Russian checkers, then first learn the simple rules. For the game that takes place on the playing field of white and black cells (only 64 pieces), you need two players. And, of course, checkers are required - twenty-four round flat circles, black and white. To win, you need to be able to seize a large number of opponent's checkers and go through the entire checkerboard. Download Russian checkers through the torrent will be most convenient.

Each player has 12 checkers, which must first be placed on the black rows closest to him. It is necessary to move the checkers only on the black diagonal cells forward. In one move, one movement is made. Each turn opponents do alternately. If the player touched the checkers, he must complete the move with it. The first is the owner of the white drafts.

So you met an opponent's checker on the way in the next cell, and behind it - an empty cell, which means you need to beat the sword or, in a different way, take, rearrange your sword diagonally through the opponent's sword and remove the broken sword from the board. You can take a few checkers, and back and front. But you can't jump over your checkers.

If the checker has passed the entire playing field and reached the last row of the opponent, then it is called the queen. Designate its "double" checker (checker is placed on the checker). Do ladies more rights and they can go back and forth, take the opponent's checkers one by one, several. The victory remains for the player who can remove all the opponent's checkers from the playing field, or create a hopeless game situation for him.

All checkers competitions are usually recorded. You can write a checker game with the help of special designations of the board's fields. Horizontal rows are designated by numbers from 1 to 8, vertical rows by small letters of the beginning of the Latin alphabet. Remember, the first cell 1a is the leftmost cell on the side of the owner of the white checkers. And if you have no opponent, then Russian checkers are no less interesting to play with a computer.

Free checkers

Checkers Games - Varieties of checkers

The game of chess for many people causes misunderstanding or even fear, because it is often incomprehensible. To overcome this fear, many are still in childhood, and some even in a more conscious age begin to master the checkers. Despite the opinion that checkers are no match for chess, they also belong to logic games and develop thinking. Therefore, you can download free Russian drafts on your computer or tablet to learn how to play them. Such games with a computer checkers without registration and free of charge are possible without downloading the game, there are special online services on sites that allow any registered user to play plenty with a programmed computer. The easiest way would also be to download the checkers on the phone for free, but often similar programs contain a lot of promotional material, which is annoying and distracting during the game. Therefore, it is better to play free checkers on the Internet on special resources, where you can turn off annoying ads in the browser.

In the network there are various modified versions of the usual checkers. These are checkers for girls for free, and checkers for boys. Thus, manufacturers are trying to make the game more interesting and attractive for children, so that they develop their logical thinking. You can also find games for children in checkers for free, containing pictures that open as you progress through the game.

But still the most acceptable option would be to play free of charge Russian checkers that are quite material, which are found in many houses. It is better to spend the time on a standard playing board and play with your family and friends at your leisure. Excellent download option on the Web - download strip checkers for undressing for free. Such checkers are a slightly updated version of traditional Russian checkers with the added rules of the game. And for beginners, you can recommend to download free books on drafts in order to understand the rules of the game and strategy. After that, downloading the checkers for two for free, you can apply your theoretical knowledge in practice.

So, to play checkers for free on the Internet or at home with friends, you need to remember about their rules and strategies. Checkers are placed exclusively on the black fields, along which their game will pass. White cells of the game board in the game of checkers are not affected. The player starts the game with white checkers. It can move towards the enemy exclusively diagonally along the fields adjacent to the walking saber. This is called a quiet move. If the player has the opportunity to attack, he takes a combat move and eats the opponent’s sword. In this case, the checker should also be located next to the walking one on the diagonal, and after it another line should be free on the line, which the walking checker will occupy.

It turns out that in the process of fighting a simple checker walks through a single cell diagonally. At that moment, when the checker is on the last cell of the board from the side of the enemy, it becomes a lady and can now walk diagonally on any number of free cells. She can also attack or walk quietly. The goal of the game is to completely destroy the opponent’s checkers.

Armenian checkers and their history

Checkers Games - Varieties of checkers

After its appearance, the game of checkers became very popular and quickly spread throughout the world. She could not not get into Armenia, where she also found her admirers. In general, if we consider a separate history of the Armenian drafts, they, like in other countries, appeared here in ancient times. And, despite such a long time, they continue to enjoy popularity among the residents of Armenia, who are not averse to allocating an hour and enjoying this interesting and extremely exciting game, which gives a sense of victory or bitter defeat.

Today, residents of this country play checkers according to generally accepted rules, but when it comes to traditional Armenian checkers, the Turkish rules of the game are already used here. The appearance of such rules in the game of Armenian checkers contributed to the fact that for many years the inhabitants of this country were under the influence of the Turkish rulers. Therefore, it was the Turks who contributed to the emergence of such rules and further modification of the whole game, because of this, some of the rules when playing Armenian checkers were greatly simplified.

In the tenth century, most of the Armenians migrated to the northern countries, including Holland and France, in these countries, residents mostly lived in communities, maybe that's why they managed not only to preserve the ancient national game, but also to develop Armenian drafts to a new level. At the moment, the residents of these communities also respect the national game and hold competitions between players from Armenian communities living in different countries.

This type of Armenian drafts is also known as tama, in contrast to simple drafts, it has many differences, which consist not only in the rules of the game, but also in the form of a board. For a game of ordinary checkers, a board with a set of sixty-four cells is used. But when playing Armenian checkers, a rectangular board consisting of eighty eight cells is most often used, by the way, chess is also suitable for playing tamu, since the colors of the cells do not have much importance.

Before the beginning of the game of Armenian checkers, each participant is given sixteen checkers of different color, that is, for example, one player receives white checkers, and the other black. After receiving a certain number of figures, they are placed on the board, usually on the second and third horizontals from each player, each placing eight checkers in a row, and the very first from the player always remains free.

As for the moves in Armenian checkers, here they are performed in such a way that the player performs moves through the field with a simple checker left and right, after which the lady goes, she can walk on any number of empty fields on the checkerboard. That is, the queen can perform moves, backward, forward, or right or left, depending on the decisions of the player. Regarding the rules of taking another opponent's checkers, there are also some minor differences from a simple game of checkers. For example, a player in Armenian checkers has the opportunity, when making the next move, to beat his opponent’s checkers, but such a move or battle is possible when the field behind the figure of another player is completely free.

Therefore, if one of the players in the game of Armenian checkers took a free position in an empty field, then he can continue to beat the other checkers of his opponent. Usually, in one fight, you can easily beat several pieces of another player. When playing this type of checkers, players can choose several of the options for conducting a battle, but each participant, regardless of the chosen strategy, must take the optimal number of opponent's checkers. However, these rules are most often used when playing drafts and queens. These rules change completely when players choose one of the options for conducting a battle with an equal number of checkers taken. True, the winner in Armenian checkers is only the player who was able to destroy all the pieces of his opponent.

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