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secrets of the Insea

I often get asked this question. Many want to know the secrets. What you need to do in order to become a professional? What you need to do in order to become a world champion in Go?

I will not tell you anything sensational. You can increase the power of the game in 3 main ways: by training the technique of calculating options, studying the theory, and simply playing, playing and playing again - preferably with rivals stronger and subsequent analysis. Ideally, you need to pay attention to each of these paths, so that your development is harmonious.

I have a friend who likes to read books on Go, but does not pay attention at all to solving problems. He has no more than 100 tsum-go per 100 read books. Yes, it is much more interesting to read books: to disassemble batches, study joseki and fuseki - all this is easier than struggling with complex tasks. But what do we have in the end? 3rd kyu. And all good positions (even against 5-6 dan) crumble as soon as the struggle begins on the board. If you do not want to repeat his mistakes, do not forget about harmony!

Yes, solving the tasks of life and death of groups is really difficult, but one should not strive to choose the most inaccessible ones. The best choice is such a problem book, where you can solve 2 problems out of 3 without spending more than 5 minutes on each of them. If you lack 5 minutes to solve - the task is too complicated for you - feel free to look at the answer at the end of the book, but mark it and do not forget to solve the similar tasks again - after some time. After all, even exposing the correct version proposed by the author, you can benefit from it. There sometimes there are such moves that you can never imagine. And so - remember, and it will be easier for you to find them again - in your own games.

I'll tell you a little about books. The main thing here is not to study something that is very outdated. Even, it would seem, a book just published in Russian or English can be written 30-40 years ago in Japan, and the versions of juseki and fuseki that were analyzed in it have not been used in practice for a long time.

The only thing that does not have a shelf life is the party. They can be disassembled in any quantities, preferably with comments. It does not matter when they were played - it is important that you like the way these masters play. I would not advise to look at everything - according to the Japanese Yearbook, for example. It is better to dwell on one or two masters, to see at least 10 games of each, to understand the style of play and habits. And if you do not like it, then how they play, then you can replace idols.

Don't know who to start with? See the games played between Takemiya Masaki and Kobayashi Koichi. And then, if you like the game of mine, you can watch Takemiya play against other masters. How they destroyed his moyo. Reduced, invaded, survived and died. His games are among the most interesting in the world! I am sure you will like them!

It should be understood that any of the most interesting ideas in fuseki and joseki will be quickly forgotten if you do not run them in practice. My advice is this: liked the option? Apply it. Watch the game Takemiya - play the San-Ren-sei yourself, see how events will develop on the blackboard. There is nothing wrong if you test joseki, invented by Takemiya without permission! You will be much easier to remember them!

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