PSB M4U 8, M4U TW1 and NAD HP 70 Headphones at CanJam NYC 2018

At CanJam NYC 2018, I had a chance to interview PSB Speakers founder Paul Barton about three new headphones that debuted at CES 2018: PSB’s M4U 8 ($400) and M4U TW1 ($150), plus NAD’s HP  70 ($399).

PSB Speakers founder Paul Barton at CanJam 2018. Video by Mark Henninger

The PSB M4U 8 is a comfortable, great-sounding, over-ear headphone solution for discerning listeners seeking the latest features like four-microphone active noise cancellation, a built-in USB DAC, RoomFeel technology, passive mode, and aptX HD Bluetooth in a design that folds—perfect for travel. Frequency response is rated at 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-1.5 dB).

NAD’s HP 70 is the company’s first headphones to feature active noise cancellation. Like the new PSB cans, these are full-sized, over-ear wireless headphones with aptX HD Bluetooth, active noise cancelling, and RoomFeel. Performance specs are identical to the M4U 8 but the NADs have their own style to ’em.

Finally, PSB’s M4U TW1 is designed to bring high fidelity to truly wireless and sporty IEMs at an easy to swallow price. These earphones sport Bluetooth and A2DP wireless tech that gives extended range while extending battery life.

These earphones are water resistant and offer a secure fit for use when exercising. PSB equipped the TW1s—the acronym stands for true wireless one—with touch-sensitive controls and a 4.5-hour battery life (with up to 80 hours of standby). The frequency response is listed as 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

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