Checkers Games - Game Rules - Move, capture, simple checkers and queens

Move, take, simple checkers and queens

Checkers Games - Game Rules

move, take, simple checkers and queens

Begin the game white. The rivals take turns making turns, moving one or another of their chips diagonally to an unoccupied dark field. As the game progresses, you can beat, or take (i.e., remove the opponent’s chip from the board), “jumping” onto a free field right behind it (there may be situations where one of the players can take several opponent’s checkers at once, skipping over them).

Having reached the last horizontal line on the opposite side of the board, a simple checker turns into a queen, which in some versions of the game (for example, Russian checkers) gives it advantages over ordinary chips in the character of movement on the board and capture. (Depending on the presence / absence of such an advantage among the ladies, some classifications divide all checkers games into two large groups: respectively, the "long" and "short" checkers). A player can hold an unlimited number of checkers.

Determination of the winner.

The winner is the one who succeeds in beating all the opponent’s checkers or deprives other chips remaining on the board of an opportunity to make a move (“banning” them). If none of the opponents can achieve this (there is a situation on the board), a draw is declared. The result of the game can be determined and “ahead of schedule” - in case one of the opponents gives in without bringing the game to the end, or both of them agree to a draw. In addition, the athlete is credited with the delay in the time allotted for the party, as well as with certain technical violations or discipline violations committed by him during the game (competition). A draw can also be declared in a situation where, after a certain number of moves, the material balance of forces on the board does not change (the number of moves allowed in this case is determined by the number and quality of the pieces on the board), the same game situation repeats more than once (with this next move will each time be for the same side), in the end “three queens (owning a long diagonal) against one” cannot destroy it for 15 moves, etc.

(At the current level of development of the theory of checkers, martial arts masters often end in a draw. In order to avoid an excessive number of draws, the organizers of competitions sometimes hold them in a different format than the classic. For example, the national and world championships in American checkers are divided into two types: played by the usual rules, and with the debut of the established pattern, when the first three moves in the game are determined in advance.)

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