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Checkers (Russian checkers)

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Board 8x8 cells

checkers occupy the first three rows on each side,

simple can beat back

A lady can walk on any number of fields

during a simple fight through the field of transformation, it turns into a woman and continues to fight according to the rules of the woman.

You can beat any number of checkers in any direction.

The goal of the game is to eat or lock all the opponent’s checkers. Recently, Russian drafts competitions are held in two versions - classic Russian drafts and so-called. tournaments with a selective draw. The second option implies the existence of an officially approved list of the initial 2-3 moves (as well as the option where one checker of each side at the beginning of the game takes some other position — the flying checkers). Before a game (or micro-match), rivals determine the number of the opening or initial position by drawing lots. This version of the game was developed by the leading Russian grandmasters with the aim of reviving the game and avoiding the alleged death of Russian drafts, where theoretical developments have reached a critical threshold. The list of debuts and positions used in such tournaments is constantly reviewed and approved by the RAF every two years.

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