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Checkers are played by two people on opposite sides of the board, making turns in turns.

One player walks with dark chips, the other - light. A player with light chips makes the first move. Chips go diagonally, opponent's chips are captured by jumping over them.

The playing surface consists only of dark cells. Chips can only go to unoccupied cells. Captured chips are removed from the board. Regardless of the rules, a player who has no chips left on the board in general, or chips that have moves, is considered the loser.

Ordinary chips go one square diagonally forward and pick up the chip, taking 2 steps in the same direction, jumping over the opponent's chip to an unoccupied cell. Several opponent's chips can be captured continuously in one move, and the direction of eating chips does not have to be the same, it is allowed to move in a zigzag. In the English checkers (checkers), an ordinary chip can capture the opponent's checkers only forward, in international (Russian) checkers - also diagonally backwards.

When an ordinary chip reaches the crowned or royal row (far row), the checker becomes a queen, is marked with an additional chip over it and acquires special abilities, including the ability to walk backwards (and there is backwards in the game options where this cannot be done by default).

In international (Russian) drafts, ladies can also go as far as they want diagonally, like an officer in chess. But they cannot capture, only by jumping over the captured chip, while moving as far as they like, but jumping over the captured chip only to the next cell. This rule, known as the flying king, is not used by the checkers.

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