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Basic rules:

1. Party is played by two players with black and white stones, placing them at the intersections of the grid of 19 horizontal and 19 vertical lines. Once placed on the board, the stones cannot be moved, but only removed from it (for more details, see below). The first is the owner of the black stones.

2. Each stone must have at least one point of freedom (dame) —an unused intersection vertically or horizontally adjacent. Neighboring, or connected by a continuous chain of neighbors, the stones form a group and divide freedoms among themselves.

3. When a stone / group of stones is surrounded by an opponent's stones so that it does not have points of freedom, it is considered to be captured and removed from the board. It is forbidden to make a move, as a result of which their group loses the last point of freedom (suicidal move), except for the case when the opponent’s stones are captured as a result of this move.

4. Rule ko: it is forbidden to make a move that leads to a repetition of the position previously met in the party.

5. The player can refuse the next move by saying the pass. If both players pass in a row, the game ends.

6. A group of stones, which by the end of the game has not been taken off the board, but doomed to death when playing back, is considered prisoner. She joins the captured player stones.

7. Each player receives a number of points equal to the number of empty intersections of the board, surrounded by stones only of his color plus the number of his stones that remained on the board at the end of the game (i.e., was not captured). The player with the most points wins.

Additional rules:

There are also a number of non-binding rules that vary from game to game and are established by agreement of the players or in accordance with the rules of a particular competition:

- Compensation to the white player for the fact that he goes second, Komi. It consists in the fact that at the end of the game he is added a certain amount of points. One point of Komi corresponds to one point of the territory. As a rule, the non-integer Komi value is used (5.5; 6.5; 7.5 points) in order to exclude the possibility of a tie result in the game. Currently, in official tournaments of the party (with the exception of handicaps) without the Komi are not practiced.

[b] - [/ b] The handicap provides an opportunity for an interesting game, even if the players' strengths are significantly different, it is that several black stones are put on the board before White’s first move, which gives Black a serious advantage.

- Time control. It first began to be used at the beginning of the 20th century, for which special assistants were invited to the party. Currently, special watches are already used (the same as in chess games), but sometimes they play in the old fashioned way. The time allotted for a batch can vary from one and a half to three hours - on average. In addition to the main time, the player may be given buy-in - extra time. It is also possible that after the expiration of the main time the player can play for some time, which is redeemed with penalty points. These points are then calculated from his game result.

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