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The history of the game Othello (Reversi)

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There is evidence that the reversi game was first published in Great Britain in 1870 under the name of Annexation (probably, games ...


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These checkers are played in Holland. This game is very similar to international checkers. They play on the board 10x10 (100 cells). Checkers occupied ...

Suicide checkers

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Many know that a bee, attacking an enemy, plunges a poisonous sting into it. In this case, the sting breaks off and the bee, causing a deadly ...

Chapaev (play)

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"Chapaev", or "Chapa evtsy" - the Soviet board game, called by the name of the hero of the Civil War Vasily Ivanovich ...

Checkers of Wigman

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Purpose of the game: to deprive the opponent of moves, beating, or locking his checkers. In Wigman's checkers, all the rules of the Russian sha ...

Four Checkers

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Four checkers were first described in the journal “Checkered Sheet” in No. 8, 1903. The board consists of two interconnected ...

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3 in one checkers

3 in one checkers - 3 variants of the game of checkers: regular, giveaway and extreme. Choose what you like.

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How to make a "dead end"

This video shows one of the combinations of moves, as all the checkers get into a "dead end" that they have nowhere to go. Single moves ...

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Pharaohs and checkers

Ancient Egypt ruled by Pharaoh. When Pharaoh came to the throne, his slaves began to build for him a tomb-feast ... To read...

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Terms in checkers

Analysis - the study, analysis and assessment of the situation. Attack - the offensive of one of the parties in the checkered game. ... To read...

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In the most brief statement, the rules of the game are as follows: the game is played on a board of 8 x 8 cells, checkers occupy the first three rows on each side; ... To read...

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Varieties of checkers

Brazilian checkers The rules are similar to international drafts, but the game is played on an 8x8 board, with 12 drafts on each side. Kahn ... To read...