Poll: How Many Subwoofers Do You Own?

Multiple subwoofers

Nothing adds to the impact of music, movie, or gaming sound quite like the bass produced by a great subwoofer. And while it’s no secret that online-shashki Forum is home to some of the most dedicated deep-bass aficionados on the Internet, it’s not clear exactly how far down the rabbit hole some folks have fallen. Hopefully this poll, which consists of the simple query “How Many Subwoofers Do You Own?” will shed some light on this question.

The thing about subs is that after getting their first one, it’s not unusual for folks to contract “subwoofer fever.” Next thing you know, there’s multiple subs in the basement and more in the living room. A dedicated home theater can easily add two, three, four, or more subs to the total. Some speakers have subs built in, those count too! Hardcore collectors run out of room and start stacking ’em, while others utilize basements or attics to install infinite baffle systems.

I’m an admitted bassaholic, and can count 13 subwoofers in my home. While bassheads are united in our love for visceral acoustical experiences—i.e. we want to feel the sound—how we get there varies depending on budget, space constraints, and skills. So please vote and if you feel up to it, leave a comment describing your subwoofer or collection of subs.

Follow this link to the forum in order to vote in the poll.

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