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Checkers swede

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Chess Swedes - known and popular for quite some time. There are offline tournaments, there is an international federation. Swedes p ...

About checkers giveaways

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Giveaways, like checkers, is a very popular game among the people. Many ordinary people undeservedly consider it more simple than checkers. On the c ...

Checkers of the People's Will

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The game is conducted according to the rules of Russian checkers. Sophia Perovskaya came up with them. In the summer of 1873 in Tver, Sonia passed the exams and received ...

Canadian checkers

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Canadian checkers is a variant of the game of checkers according to international rules, which are officially adopted by most countries of the world. They are ...

North American Checkers

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Differences of North American checkers from English checkers: 1. If next to the lady on the nearest diagonal cell is someone else's sha ...

The history of pillar bombs

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Pillar checkers is an old Russian game with amazing combination capabilities. Playing on a 64-cell board is right ...

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Checkers Fun

This is a cool online checkers game that will test your intelligence and take you for a while. You will ...

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Gonyayev bayonet

One of the options for building a bayonet Gonyaeva to catch one lady against three.

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Checkers is a game with its roots in antiquity. In ancient Egyptian myths, there is sometimes a mention of checkers .... To read...

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The current stage of development of drafts in Russia

The Russian Drafts Federation (President R. Klimashev) was registered in 1995. It unites sports organizations of almost 90 sub ... To read...

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Checkers (Russian checkers)

Board 8x8 cells checkers occupy the first three rows on each side, simple can beat back A lady can walk on any ... To read...

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The rules of checkers giveaways

The rules of the game of giveaway checkers are similar to the rules of Russian checkers or international checkers, only the goal of the game is to give away or lock ... To read...