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The game of checkers online is notable for the fact that you can play without problems with a person who is at least on the other side of the globe. Of course, it is possible to maintain communication with an opponent through chat, while playing checkers in parallel.

We offer to your attention the colorful implementation of pool checkers Internet checkers. A large free community of fans of this game. Online constantly several hundred people. Entering the link below will take you to the login menu. Enter your existing login and password or create your new account. If you do not want to create an account and Internet checkers, you can log in as a guest. However, please note that registration in the game will give additional options and features. After you enter the game, you can choose which room you want to play in. Pay attention to the number of players in each of them. Selecting a room and entering it will display the current games in the upper part. At the bottom left there will be a chat window, and on the right - a list of free players available for playing checkers at the moment. After clicking on the player's nickname, 2 buttons are activated - "Challenge" and with information about the player. The information window contains statistics of matches of the Shashista, the result of recent meetings and some other statistical information. Click "Challenge" to play checkers with the selected player.

The interface is extremely simple and will not leave questions. Enjoy the game and internet checkers.


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