Next Generation of Dirac Live Launching at CES 2018

In what was meant to be a CES 2018 announcement but turned into a sneak preview, Dirac Research has announced that it will introduce several major updates to its Dirac Live room correction system.

According to Dirac Research, a new room correction algorithm and a simplified setup procedure are among the highlights of the update. With the new version, Dirac Live won’t just measure the phase of individual speakers, it will also analyze the speakers as pairs. This will ensure that phase response is matched on a per-pair basis, which the company says offers “obvious improvements” in soundstage and imaging.

When combined with the mobile app and consumer-friendly UI first shown at CEDIA 2017, the new platform promises to make it easier to get even-better results out of what is already among the most effective room correction solutions available. Also, Dirac is adding multi-language support to the platform. Soon, Dirac Live will offer Spanish, French, Mandarin and Japanese languages, as well as English.

Mobile Dirac Live InterfaceYou can tweak the target response curve in the Mobile Dirac Live app.

Niklas Thorin, Dirac’s General Manager of High Performance Audio, noted that “With our refreshed interface and configuration, users don’t need to be technical experts to gain optimal benefits from the platform. And an equally important change is the move toward a more mobile-friendly UI. The Dirac Live interface is now as accessible on a midsize tablet as it is on a larger laptop, giving installers flexibility in which tools they prefer using on site. Together, these improvements reaffirm our commitment to providing the best product, developing ever-improving room correction tools, and keeping current with peripheral technological advances.”

In the same announcement, Dirac noted that it is committed to introducing one new Dirac Live module per year. Something that offers “unique functionality” so users can customize their system based on application and needs like home theater, stereo systems, professional recording studios, and automotive applications.

Dirac Research plans to demonstrate this new technology at its Westgate Hotel suite #630 during CES 2018, which is taking place in Las Vegas from January 9 through January 12, 2018.

“We will soon offer our Dirac Live customers both cross-market and market-specific modules,
which can be bolted on to their existing Dirac Live platform, to allow for a more customized and
personalized room correction experience,” concluded Thorin. “As a result, Dirac Live will
become a highly-dynamic, always-evolving, market-customized room correction platform,
forever equipped with the most advanced audio optimization technologies.”

Dirac Live is already my favorite room correction solution. I look forward to checking out this new generation of the platform in just a few short weeks.

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