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Big shot checkers

Big shot checkers - Colorful checkers with changes to the rules. You will lose if the checker with the character of the opponent becomes ...

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Gonyayev bayonet

One of the options for building a bayonet Gonyaeva to catch one lady against three.

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Outstanding successes in dates of Moldavian drafts

In 1959, the team of the Shashists of Moldova, consisting of candidates for the Master of Sports, took the honorable third step to that ... To read...

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History of drafts in Bashkiria

The first documentary evidence that checkers are played in Bashkiria dates back to the 19th century and is associated with the name Andre ... To read...

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Etude end of the game

Suppose a player during the game was doing the right moves, achieved a preponderance, both tactical and material, but he does not know how to ... To read...

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Komi in the game of Go

Komi to Go - compensation that White gets for the right of Black’s first move. Komi is determined in glasses, which for ... To read...