KEF’s Awesome CEDIA 2017 Booth (Video)

KEF at CEDIA 2017

I was going through the video clips that I brought back from CEDIA 2017 last month, in order to back them up and archive them. In the process, I noticed some b-roll that I shot while in the KEF booth, but that I have not used in a video.

It’s nice footage, shot with a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal, and I didn’t want it to go to waste. So, I put them together in this two minute “booth tour” video. Sure, CEDIA ended a month ago, but this montage is less about product news and more about showing how KEF presented its gear.

KEF’s cool booth at CEDIA 2017

In this video you’ll catch glimpses of various speakers including the Reference CI5160REF-THX in-wall, the Q-Series (including the Q350 bookshelf I reviewed here), and also the Reference 1 Bookshelf model. Plus, there’s even a vignette to show the company’s Ventura outdoor speakers in a proper context.With shows like CES and CEDIA, where the floor is noisy and booths are busy, it makes sense to focus on aesthetics. KEF did, and you can see the payoff.

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