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New partners of our portal are an opportunity to develop not only ours, but also their companies. Our partners receive not only an individual approach, but also loyal conditions of cooperation. Each partner of our portal will receive quality conditions of cooperation, which, of course, is important today. We offer the possibility of developing your company. Separate attention deserve the company of a similar kind of activity with ours. In this case, the chances of development are much higher.

Information portal is universal for cooperation, because such companies have always been very popular. There is nothing strange if you want to know all the nuances of cooperation. Thus, you can choose the most loyal conditions for your organization. Terms of cooperation are available for everyone and you can find out them by writing to us by mail. Our managers will give a quality answer to all your questions.

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Master Checkers

Master Checkers - All of us favorite checkers. The game is played to the sound of a pleasant oriental melody. And the intellect of the computer ...

Video lesson:

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Gonyayev bayonet

One of the options for building a bayonet Gonyaeva to catch one lady against three.

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Checkers and Chess

Checkers is a very ancient board game, and scientists all over the world still cannot answer with firm certainty, where ... To read...

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Theory and practice

P.L. Kapitsa argued that a good theory must always be proved by practice. In the case of checkers, these are parties, ... To read...

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The rules of the game Go, option AGA

The AGA rules are the rules of the Go game, developed in the American Go Association and applied to the tournaments held by this association ... To read...

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Turkish punch

Touretsky ud - the most difficult move in Russian, international, Brazilian checkers, based on the rule of removing knocked balls from the board ... To read...