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Our company has been among the leaders in its field of activity for many years. During this period, we have gained vast experience in the information sphere. To begin with, we work only for you and try to submit as fresh as possible data and as soon as possible. Every reader who is also a consumer will find the necessary information here. Together with the portal to expand your knowledge will become much easier.

Information is today the main weapon and we will arm you. The quality of our work is confirmed by hundreds of positive feedback from readers. Since its foundation on our portal a lot has changed. Like most similar projects, ours was also born gradually. But today we are a successful company.

Internet technologies today are experiencing an unprecedented development. At the same time, unprecedented numbers of information portals are being created. Most of these sites have no experience, which is a key part for successful work. Our team is only experienced employees who know their work. . Every day we develop and expand our activities in new areas. The result of this work on the site is the respect and interest of readers. Take the opportunity and check the quality of the site.

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Checkers of Aliace in Wonderland

Checkers of Aliace in Wonderland - 3D - checkers in the style of Alice in Wonderland. Pleasant music. Not really...

Video lesson:

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How to make a "dead end"

This video shows one of the combinations of moves, as all the checkers get into a "dead end" that they have nowhere to go. Single moves ...

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Book about checkers

Before you start playing Chinese checkers, you must first understand what kind of game it is and learn the rules. Immediately ... To read...

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The game of checkers - an exciting pastime

The game of checkers is familiar to many of us since childhood. Remember how, without knowing even the basic rules, you were already “fighting in the ... To read...

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Komi in the game of Go

Komi to Go - compensation that White gets for the right of Black’s first move. Komi is determined in glasses, which for ... To read...

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English checkers (Checkers)

Rules of the game The rules of the game checkers (English checkers) are presented on the materials of the book of Alexander Pavlovich 60 checkers games ... To read...