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Uniqueness is our main principle of work. In particular, a high-quality information portal will always provide only reliable information that is not someone's fiction. A quality portal will never lie to its own readers. Today being informed means keeping abreast of the times. With the development of information technology, it became much easier to obtain the necessary data. It is from the Internet that the majority draws news about the world and various spheres of life.

The principle of our portal is the coverage of relevant, resonant and just interesting news from all over the world. During the publication of materials, all data are checked, so there is a real opportunity to submit to the reader only the truthful information. In a whole bunch of yellow editions it is quite difficult to find actually high-quality information. We have no need for this, because all the articles are true.

It is the coverage of true events that is our main task. The portal team constantly monitors all important events and news. All information is published on the website as soon as possible. Forget the yellow press.

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Chinese checkers

Chinese checkers - Ancient as the world, the Chinese puzzle game is now on your computer! Enjoy!

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Gonyayev bayonet

One of the options for building a bayonet Gonyaeva to catch one lady against three.

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Checkers is a board game that has become one of the sports. This game is played between two rivals, who have ... To read...

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The discovery of Palamedes

And the game of many checkers is Plinton with cells located on the lines. And Plinton is called the City (Polis), ... To read...

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Checkers Rules

Who will play white and who will play black will determine the draw. White always goes first. Under the move refers to the movement of any w ... To read...

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Spanish checkers

The game is played according to the rules of the Brazilian checkers, but the board is turned upside down compared to the standard one. They play on the board 8x8 (64 cells) ... To read...