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Our main goal in creating this portal was to show readers that you can create a website where you can learn about everything. Until today, we are not moving away from our idea and submit only high-quality material to our readers. Yellow press today is almost everywhere. This applies to television, newspapers and the Internet. Such publications distort the truth and replace it with fabrications. In addition, with regard to certain attractions or events, false news may be provided in such publications. If this information concerns certain activities, then plans to visit them may be violated.

The goal of our portal is to avoid this, because we deeply respect our readers and provide only reliable and high-quality information. With our portal you will always be properly informed, because today it is of far the last importance. Our team has a lot of ideas and plans. In particular, we are constantly developing and are not going to stop there. As a result, we will never stop developing and will continue to grow further.

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3 in one checkers

3 in one checkers - 3 variants of the game of checkers: regular, giveaway and extreme. Choose what you like.

Video lesson:

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How to make a "dead end"

This video shows one of the combinations of moves, as all the checkers get into a "dead end" that they have nowhere to go. Single moves ...

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From the history of drafts in the USSR

At the third chess and checkers congress, held in Moscow in 1924, the delegates unanimously spoke of the need for ... To read...

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The game of checkers - a form of development of mathematical abilities

In the series of intellectual games, chess occupy almost the first place. But the checkers are close to them. Checkers - fascinating and ... To read...

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The rules of the game of dual checkers

1. The original location is white on white cells, black is black (hence the name of the game proposed by V. Bayguzhakov), ... To read...

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Solution etude

Any newcomer starting to solve etudes must know and be fluent in normal endings of the game. However, to know the standard ... To read...