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To gain the respect of users, any portal, especially informational, must have unique content. To make the materials on the site really high-quality, you do not need to search for materials in unchecked places. That is why you need to choose those sources that are already respected and reliable. This is an important element in the successful development of any informative portal. Our employees know all the attributes of a successful site and do everything they need. Materials that are published here are selected for numerous indicators.

First of all, the information must be reliable. Also studied the source where the information was taken. This may be a respected foreign portal or a person who is directly related to the event. As a result of compliance with these rules, all data that is on our site is true. Proven sources - our way, which is known to all, but not all use it.

Almost all the content on our portal is tested according to the above criteria. In turn, a variety of events are also displayed here. In addition, we also track possible changes in their schedule.

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Master Checkers

Master Checkers - All of us favorite checkers. The game is played to the sound of a pleasant oriental melody. And the intellect of the computer ...

Video lesson:

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Petrov triangle

With three queens, catching one is very easy, if the high road belongs to the strongest side. Otherwise - a draw ...

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History of drafts in Bashkiria

The first documentary evidence that checkers are played in Bashkiria dates back to the 19th century and is associated with the name Andre ... To read...

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Intellectual games, or a buffet for successful

All less noticeable people playing on the beach in intellectual games, fewer children and young people who are interested in drafts ... To read...

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Diagonal checkers

Diagonal checkers is an ancient game, a kind of checkers. In Russian families it is also called the game in the corners, as the figures on and ... To read...

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Flash checkers

Almost all world events have moved to the Internet, weather forecasting sites instead of radio, news sites, and a lively public ... To read...