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Since our portal is purely informative, we do not provide any other services. The main objective of the site is to provide information. At this list of our services ends. This is the main mission of the company's employees and they are engaged only in its implementation. If you are interested in more detailed information about certain events about which we have written, unfortunately, we cannot help you. The site contains only introductory information.

A special case is the materials that relate to high-profile cases. We publish all changes in the investigation. Among our services is also present the provision of advertising sites. All the details and conditions of advertising with us can be found on the same page. If the necessary information is not on the page, you can contact us via the feedback form. Our managers will answer all your questions.

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Checkers of Aliace in Wonderland

Checkers of Aliace in Wonderland - 3D - checkers in the style of Alice in Wonderland. Pleasant music. Not really...

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Petrov triangle

With three queens, catching one is very easy, if the high road belongs to the strongest side. Otherwise - a draw ...

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How our ancestors played

Lekas ​​and chess have a chance to stay. Novgorodian helmsman. 1280 Not so long ago the appearance of drafts on the territory ... To read...

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History of drafts in Bashkiria

The first documentary evidence that checkers are played in Bashkiria dates back to the 19th century and is associated with the name Andre ... To read...

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Diagonal checkers

Diagonal checkers is an ancient game, a kind of checkers. In Russian families it is also called the game in the corners, as the figures on and ... To read...

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Cognition of the theory of debuts

In full, no one can study the whole theory of debuts. Therefore it is necessary to systematize the available information about ... To read...