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As a rule, a large number of publications on various subjects are presented on information portals. Since all people are different, their tastes are also different. This is directly related to the news. Of course, there are publications that attract more readers, and there are those that are not very popular.

This tape of publications is always available and everyone can view it. These publications have the most views, and therefore are popular. If you are a difficult reader, and our potential partner, then you are recommended to read a special page for partners.

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Checkers Fun

This is a cool online checkers game that will test your intelligence and take you for a while. You will ...

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Gonyayev bayonet

One of the options for building a bayonet Gonyaeva to catch one lady against three.

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Despite its seeming simplicity, the game of checkers is quite complicated and unpredictable. Any move opens up a lot of new ... To read...

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The current stage of development of drafts in Russia

The Russian Drafts Federation (President R. Klimashev) was registered in 1995. It unites sports organizations of almost 90 sub ... To read...

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Moves in checkers

To learn how to play checkers, you need to know the rules and, of course, to have the appropriate set, this is a chess board and checkers. This article ... To read...

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Checkers rules

Checkers are played by two people on opposite sides of the board, making turns in turns. One player walks dark chips, d ... To read...