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Chinese Checkers

The best Chinese thinkers sat for a long time and thought to create some kind of game that replaces checkers. And the result ...

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How to make a "dead end"

This video shows one of the combinations of moves, as all the checkers get into a "dead end" that they have nowhere to go. Single moves ...

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Checkers: terms

Checkers is an ancient strategy game, numbering many varieties and supposedly a few thousand ... To read...

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Checkers (from Russian. Small steps - small steps) is a board game for two participants, conducted on a board similar to chess ... To read...

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The rules of intellectual combat in checkers

Newbies in checkers and just spectators are greatly surprised when they first hear about the rules of the competition for table checkers. But ... To read...

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Checkers rules

To play checkers you need a checkered board with white and black cells similar to a chessboard one. Checkers rivals are placed in several ... To read...