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Go - an ancient board game oriental, which received the well-known name "Japanese checkers". As a kind of traditional checkers, this game appeared in China about two thousand years ago. So far, Guo is very popular among players in Asia and, relatively recently, interest in it among European residents has also increased thanks to the eponymous game Japanese checkers online.

What are the principles of the game of Go? Unlike a chessboard, a Go board is a lined space. The moves of both players are carried out with the help of special chips (the so-called stones), which are moved along points on the board. According to the rules, the player with black chips always makes the first move - he simply places the chip in the center of the board. The main goal is to build a line of chips of the same color. The one who manages to do this is declared the winner. In fact, it is possible to draw some analogies with the usual game of tic-tac-toe with an increased value of the playing field.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the gameplay, Go, as the Japanese checkers are called, is an extremely difficult tactical game, not inferior in complexity, chess or checkers. A rather large game board and a limited number of necessary moves allow changing game situations in the course of an intellectual battle. Many decisions made in the first minutes of the game can affect its ending. That is why the game of Japanese checkers is always thinking a few steps forward. The game can last several hours due to careful thinking of the next move.

Multi-complex combinations allow you to use the entire area of ​​the game board for the next move. However, the sequence of game moves must be thought out so that, firstly, to weaken the opponent's defense and, secondly, to deceive him and force him to make the wrong move. There are several options for playing the game. One of them is characterized by aggressive actions that should induce an opponent to make a mistake, but they can also weaken their own defenses. Placing chips at the edge of the board will make it quite difficult to capture more territory. If you walk at the center, then the enemy will be easier to conduct game attacks. Many people love the game of Go for the fact that the game allows you to reveal a person’s character, to demonstrate not only their intellectual, but also tactical abilities.

Go is an affordable game. The game board and chips can be made with materials at hand, however, for professionals, equipment is an indicator of a certain status. The traditional board - goban (in Japanese), as a rule, is made of a very rare Kaya tree, 15-20 centimeters thick and installed on low legs. Players sit on the floor, the only way the round is held in Go. Chips are made from the shells of mollusks and mica, they are brought to perfect condition by polishing.

The most interesting thing is that in Japan there is a crisis of these materials. On this basis, wooden boards made of Kaya cost incredible money. This is due to the fact that the material must reach a certain age. The same goes for clams. For world-class supplies in the coastal areas of Japan, there simply is not enough of the required amount of resources.

The history of the game Go ·

Checkers Games - Го

the history of the game of go

The Go game was born four thousand years ago. The dense fog of millennia hid from us the circumstances of its appearance. Judging by the archaeological finds, Go is one of the oldest games, but on the problems that it poses to our intellect, the game is very modern. The trajectory of its spread, which passed through the countries of the Bostock, now extends over almost all Western countries.


Checkers Games - Го

go school in Russia

Thirty years ago, in 1975, the series “School of Go” was published in the journal “Science and Life”. Its authors V. Astashkin and G. Nilov talked about a game unfamiliar to Russians for a year, inviting readers to take part in a competition of game problems

Tactics and Strategy Go

Checkers Games - Го

tactics and strategy it

Although the rules of go are few and simple, the strategy of the game is incredibly complex. In terms of the number of possible positions and various games, it far surpasses chess, checkers or reversi. At the same time, the complexity of the game is not purely mechanical, consisting in a large number of options: Go contains a truly huge number of important strategic aspects, some of which are difficult to even understand, not to mention analyzing.

The basis of the tactics of the game is the concept of form - the order of the location of nearby stones

Different versions of the rules of go

Checkers Games - Го

various options for go rules

Different countries and different tournaments apply their own rules, which can differ significantly from each other. For most parties, specific rules have no special meaning, since the result will be approximately the same, but in some cases the subtleties can be quite significant

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