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Best 4K UHD - HDR - ATMOS platform and games.


Few years back I made the shift from hardcore gaming to tv-show, movies and home theatre in general. I know have a huge 65" 4K HDR OLED with 11.2 home theatre with a lot of upgrades in the (near) future (double 18" nearfield subwoofers under the couch with buttkickers to help even more for tactile LFE). As I have watched almost every possible show that there is to watch (I have watched over 120 tv shows from beginning to end, including 10-13 seasons tv shows like supernatural, doctor who, etc) which is why I'm now more focusing on good movies that fit my home theatre (4K HDR ATMOS movies in particular), and I was now wondering about also shifting back to video games. I have heard some good things about the Atmos in Star Wars battlefront, and I have always loved the first one my xbox back in the day.

So my question to you: what platform (Xbox, playstation, or maybe even PC) would be best to try out some of this new formats? And what games should I look for? I would love a game that features them all, but I'm also open to games that only have 1 aspect (only 4K (+HDR) or atmos). Maybe also some games with awesome LFE effects or that fit really with OLED. To help with the suggestions, I would love a game that doesnt necessarily take a lot of time (altough I loved MMORPGs like WOW I spent too much time on those, time I dont want to put in it in this fase of my life) and maybe one that resembles shooters like star wars battlefront or call of duty. That said, I'm litteraly open to all suggestions! Budget is also not a pain point.


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As of right now, I do believe there is only two ATMOS enabled games as of right now. As far as hardware, I do believe there is only two options for in-game ATMOS encoding and that is Xbox One & PC.

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I think the new Xbox One X is the only console that can do true (not upscale) 4K/UHD and HDR gaming.
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Does HDR10, Dolby Vision, BT.2020, apply to games as well ? Because some receivers only support that on some of the HDMI inputs. I know some HDMI can be re-assigned but most company websites don't list that feature.

Looking forward to getting an XBox One X soon after I get a 4k TV.

Thanks !
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See this thread for Dolby Atmos in games and such:
Dolby Atmos for GAMING thread
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