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ParanoidAndroid's Avatar ParanoidAndroid 04:49 PM 12-30-2015
Hello all!

I'm trying to help out mom by programming her Uverse remote to control the volume on her Denon Audio Receiver. Wondering if this is possible with her setup. Here is her equipment:

•Samsung 2015 LED Smart TV
•AT&T Uverse w/ an S10-S3 black remote
•Denon AVR-988 Audio Receiver

I have tried manually programming all the Denon codes listed in the manual under "Receiver/Tuner." I've also tried the 2 codes listed under "HTiB." I'm able to program the remote to turn the receiver on/off, but can't get the remote to control volume.

Any help or guidance would be immensely appreciated. Thanks!

SlmShdy1's Avatar SlmShdy1 05:10 PM 12-30-2015
By default, the remote is programmed to control the internal volume of the STB. Once the remote is programmed for the TV, it will only control the TV volume. You have to reprogram the remote to control audio via the receiver. If I remember correctly, it's the AT&T button + OK. Press both at the same time and then release. Then press 9 5 5. Then select AUX. This will tell the remote to control audio with the AUX device.

You can follow the same steps, but instead of 9 5 5, press 9 7 7. This will allow you to select which devices you want the remote to power on. For example, you can press AT&T, TV, and AUX followed by the Enter button and then the remote will be programmed to turn on/off all three devices at the same time. By default, the remote is programmed to only turn the STB on/off. Once the TV is programmed to the remote, it will also control the power for the TV, but the same can't be said for DVD or AUX. Those have to be added manually.

Here is the remote user guide for extra programming advice.
ParanoidAndroid's Avatar ParanoidAndroid 05:19 PM 12-30-2015
Wow, that was easy! I followed your steps and was immediately able to control the volume on the receiver with the At&T remote. After spending an hour plus on the phone with tech support, lol...thank you so much!
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