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lgarciaaa's Avatar lgarciaaa 07:27 AM 08-26-2012

I bought the Home Theater system DAV TZ-140 but I cannot get it to work with my Xbox or regular cable on tv.
I have researched it and they say to use an optical cord for the xbox but the problem is that my HDTV nor the receiver from the DAV TZ-140 have it. I have my Xbox connected to my TV using HDMI cable. How can I get it to work? I have already gotten a RCA cable and connected from receiver to tv and nothing.

My TV is a Samsung LN32D403 LCD HDTV

underminded999's Avatar underminded999 07:13 AM 08-29-2012

I am not familiar with that model.  What connections does it currently have, i.e. HDMI, Toslink(digital audio output, either via optical or CoAx), Analog audio(red and white RCA connections), analog video: Composite, Component, S video?


Depending on the connection of the unit, we will be able to figure out how to connect everything.


Also, did it come with a manual?  How do they suggest you connect it?

SonyListens's Avatar SonyListens 07:58 AM 08-29-2012
Hello lgarciaaa,

For more information on connecting your DAVTZ140 to different sources, please refer to our eSupport website @

I hope this helps,

Josh James
doesntwork123's Avatar doesntwork123 07:47 PM 12-20-2012
That website does not help and I am having the same issue.

We have the same model "DAV-TZ140" we are trying to connect it to a Hisense TV and we have an Xbox.... I understand that there are many makes and models of everything, but there has to be some kind of simple way to connect these three things.

For instance, HDMI Cable from xbox to tv, then fiber optic cable from tv to "DAV-TZ140" ?.......
what about a USB from "DAV-TZ140" to the TV?

The link you provided says nothing about an xbox....
commsysman's Avatar commsysman 10:14 AM 12-21-2012
The Xbox should work fine using the TVs HDMI input, but with the TV speakers only. There is no way to get it to work with the 5-speaker system, unfortunately.

Your inexpensive system has limited functionality in that respect. It has no audio inputs, except one pair of analog jacks. There is no way to send audio to it from your TV, because the TV has no analog audio outputs.

I would recommend that you consider getting a regular HT receiver, which will give you much greater flexibility.

The Yamaha RX-V371 is $169 at Amazon, and has 4 HDMI inputs and one output.

This will allow you to connect up to 4 input devices to the receiver and connect the TV to the receiver with an HDMI cable for use as a video-only monitor. All audio will be processed and amplified by the receiver and go direct to your speakers, which you will connect to the new receiver.

It also has a lot more power to drive your speakers and this should give you better sound quality.

You can connect your existing box to the new receiver using its HDMI output and just use it as a DVD player only.
Matt29's Avatar Matt29 11:09 PM 03-26-2013
Same problem here with apple TV. There's an optical audio output from ATV, but no audio output on my TV. If I use a converter to convert this optical audio into RCA to the DAV TZ 140, is there a way the DAV TZ 140 will reproduce that analog sound into 5.1 through the speakers? The manual "thinks" yes, I don't.
William Hopkins Jr. 12:56 PM 03-25-2016

Come on people.....

1. You first want to make sure that the XBox is connected from the console to the television using an HDMI Cable.

*On the reverse panel of the Sony DAVTZ140 you will see...

Video Out (Yellow)
TV/Cable (Audio In) Red/White

2. Connect an HDMI Cable from the HDMI OUT (Back of Sony Receiver) to an available HDMI INPUT (on your television)
3. Connect RED/WHITE AUX Cables to the TV/Cable Audio In (Back of Sony Receiver) - dont worry about yellow....
4. Connect those AUX Cables to your tv using any available AUDIO OUT
*Turtle Beach cables come with adapters to allow you to connect multiple AUDIO OUTS

5. Power on the XBox and turn the TV on as normally....
6. Set the Sony DAVTZ140 to Input = TV/CABLE


It may not be perfect but it works!!!! Well enough to aggravate the neighbors!!! HA!!!!

Need questions or help? Shoot me a message!!!

- Will
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