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A list of cultural references (mostly TV and film) to be found in Shrek 2 that I've managed to cull from several web sites. Please feel free to add to the list.

* The Wolf is found reading a magazine named Pork Illustrated (Sports Illustrated).

* Puss-in-Boots, an orange tabby, says, "I hate Mondays." (a clear reference to Garfield the Cat).

* The poster in Fiona's room of "Prince Justin" (a reference to Justin Timberlake who Cameron Diaz -- voice of Fiona -- was dating).

* The gigantic Gingerbread Man is a reference to the "Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man" from Ghost Busters.

* In the scene where Shrek and Fiona argue, there is a "Stonehenge" poster in the background which shows the members of Spinal Tap wearing medieval garb.

* The potion the fairy godmother gives to the King to make Fiona fall in love with the first man she kisses is labeled "IX", making the bottle "Love Potion Number #9" (a reference to the 1959 hit song by The Clovers).

* The giant cookie's name is "Mongo", a reference to the movie Blazing Saddles.

* The entrance to Far Far Away closely resembles the entrance to the Paramount Studios lot.

* When Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey first arrive in Far Far away, you see Donkey's head against the palm trees. This and the music is a parody of Eddie Murphy's arrival in California in Beverly Hills Cop.

* When the King's men deliver Shrek the message, he calls them "Sergeant Pompous and the Fancy Pants Club Band", a clear reference to the Beatles' "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

* There is a reference to the Tom Cruise scene where he is dangling on a rope in Mission Impossible as the fairytale creatures try and free Shrek from the dungeon.

* When the Fairy Godmother puts the new dress on Fiona, the wind blows up the dress and she tries to hold it down. A reference to Marylin Monroe in The Seven Year Itch.

* In the pre-ball red carpet scene, the announcer says that "the abs are fab", a reference to the television series "Absolutely Fabulous".

* As donkey passes out he says, "I'm Coming Elizabeth," a reference to Fred Sanford from the sitcom "Sanford and Son".

* Antonio Banderas as "Puss In Boots" uses his sword to write a "P" on a tree with three strokes. He also played "Zorro" in Mask of Zorro (where he writes a "Z" with three strokes).

* The fireworks over the castle during the final scene resemble the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom castle in the opening titles of "Disneyland".

* In the tavern "The Poison Apple", the man with the hook playing the piano is voiced by Tom Waits (singing 'Little Drop of Poison') and then again by Nick Cave (singing 'People Ain't No Good').

* The Giant Gingerbread Man's last words "Be good" are a reference to E.T.

* When Shrek and Fiona arrive in Far Far Away, they pass a movie theater playing Lethal Arrow 4.

* In the opening "Honeymoon Montage" when Fiona wipes the mud off of Shrek while he hangs upside down and kisses him is a reference to Spider-Man.

* In the fight scene with Shrek, Puss in Boots tears out from the chest of Shrek's clothing, in reference to the alien bursting out of Kane's chest in Alien.

* In the dining room scene, Donkey addresses the Queen as "Lillian," though this is not the character's name as listed in the credits. Lillian is the name of Eddie Murphy's mother.

* At one point, Dame Fortuna remarks "Not that there's anything wrong with that!", a "Seinfeld" reference.

* In the Honeymoon Montage at the beginning of the film, the couple is seen being fitted for wedding rings. The shots of the rings being forged are a parody of the forging of the rings of power from Lord of the Rings.

* Puss in Boots reaching back tog grab his hat just before the trap door falls is a reference to Indiana Jones.

* In the COPS montage, the camera following a "white bronco", is a direct reference to the infamous 1994 California highway chase where cops were chasing O.J. Simpson in a white Ford Bronco

* During the dinner scene with the Queen, King, Fiona, Shrek, and Donkey at the table go through each other's names twice, ending with Donkey smiling and referring to himself. This is a reference to The Rocky Horror Picture Show where the characters go through each others' names in a chaotic roundabout.

* The fairy Godmother singing on the piano is a reference to Michelle Pfeiffer (in a similar red dress) in The Fabulous Baker Boys.

* Puss falls back into a chair and pulls a chain to dump water on him (Flashdance).

* Various characters from other movies and stories show up in the background all through-out the movie:
o Captain Hook is the piano player in "The Poison Apple" hangout
o Two of the guests in The Poison Apple are the talking trees from "The Wizard Of Oz"
o During The Fairy Godmother's singing while trying to get Fiona to change her life, among the furniture flying around the room are Lumiere (the candelabra) and Cogsworth (the clock) from Disney's "Beauty And The Beast"
o During the opening scenes after an ocean wave covers Shrek and Fiona, Ariel from Disney's "The Little Mermaid" ends up kissing Shrek instead of Fiona
o Hansel (of the story Hansel and Gretel), is shown to be the owner of "Hansel's Honeymoon Hideaway, the honeymoon cottage Shrek and Fiona stay at.
o Little Red Riding Hood knocks on the door at the honeymoon cottage
o One of the fairies Shrek captures in a jar at the mud sauna is Tinkerbell, Peter Pan's little sidekick

* There are some spoofs of famous signs and stores in the background of Far Far Away:
o Burger Prince (Burger King)
o Olde Knavery (Old Navy)
o Far Far Away sign (Hollywood sign)
o Saxon Fifth Avenue (Sax Fifth Avenue)
o Romeo Drive (Rodeo Drive)
o Versarchery (Versace)
o Gap Queen (Gap Kids)
o Farbucks Coffee (Starbucks)
o Friar's Fat Boy (Big Boy)
o Tower of London Records (Tower Records).

* There are numerous references to the King being a frog throughout the movie:
o He has a painting of his human self standing over a pond next to his bed.
o His wife reminds him of their first date by the lake, their "first kiss"
o His bedsheets and most of his furniture is leafy green.
o A female frog in the bar asks him, "Don't I know you from somewhere?"
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Just a small correction..the portrait of Justin is "Sir Justin" not "Prince Justin".

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You got many, many more than I caught.

One addition: As they approach the castle for the first time, note that the castle itself is the Disney castle, but much bigger and grander.


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