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needmovies's Avatar needmovies 07:56 AM 01-17-2015
My in-laws from the Philippines are coming to visit and staying with us for a couple months so I'm trying to setup a way to watch (The Filipino Channel) on our tv. Worst case scenario, I have a chromecast so I can cast a chrome tab from my pc to the tv. But I'd like to avoid this since my wife works from home and uses the pc during the day. And my in-laws are older and not too tech savvy.

So I'm looking for a fairly cheap device that'll let me stream the content to the tv. If it helps, has an android app (that doesn't support chromecast) and an XBMC plugin. I also have a roku 3, chromecast, a raspberry pi, and we have android phones and tablets in the house.

My first idea is to cast from the android phone/tablet to the chromecast. But since the app doesn't support chromecast, and the website uses flash, my only other option here would be to mirror the whole screen, which I'm unable to get to work at the moment.

My next idea then was to build a web kiosk device using my raspberry pi. But since the uses flash, I probably won't be able to play the videos on there. Since this did not work, I am now trying to install Raspbmc on the rpi to see if I could get XBMC with the plugin to run smoothly.

My final idea for now is to grab an android tv stick, since already has an android app. I have no experience with these though so I'm not sure what to grab. I'm a bit interested with the Amazon Fire TV stick as well, which I've read can be rooted to install XBMC.

So finally, I was wondering if you guys could either suggest an affordable android tv stick for me that can play web videos well, or suggest a different setup I could try. Since they're only going to be here for a couple months, I would like to keep cost down, but would also like to provide a smooth watching experience.

Thanks in advance.

- need to stream to TV
- I have a chromecast, roku 3, raspbery pi, android phones/tablet
- I'm interested in buying an android tv stick or similar device

needmovies's Avatar needmovies 08:56 AM 01-19-2015
I think I may have found a solution, and I figured I'd update this thread in case someone runs into the same issue that I did.

So I tried the rpi with XBMC/Kodi and it worked well. Although my wife preferred to have an actual remote instead of using a mouse/keyboard.

So I then grabbed an Amazon Fire Stick last night, and tonight when I get home I'm planning on sideloading either the android app or the Kodi app on there.

If the app works well, I'll stick with that since it has a better UI than the Kodi plugin (it has pictures, show summaries, etc..). I would also assume that this would have better support than the Kodi plugin. If that doesn't work though, from research I've read that XBMC/Kodi works very well on the Amazon fire stick. I'll use that plus the plugin for it and call it a day.
needmovies's Avatar needmovies 07:53 AM 01-20-2015
Ok one last update for anyone who runs into the same issue.

i got the app sideloaded into the AFT Stick and the navigation with the AFT remove works great. But I'm unable to play a video since I think it needs a mouse and I unfortunately didn't have a bluetooth mouse lying round to try it out

I ended up installing Kodi and the plugin. Albeit there are some extra steps to get to it, and the UI for the plugin is not as nice as the app, but I was able to play the videos with no issues.
DanPackMan's Avatar DanPackMan 07:32 AM 01-21-2015
^fyi, you can add a standard MCE remote with USB dongle to the raspberry pi KODI setup.
jorelson 10:53 AM 04-20-2015
how did you create a username password that is not a trial username password? I tried registering on their site but it only says 7 day trial.
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