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3D On-Demand (HBO and Starz)

I have been on Verizon FIOS for several years. The Starz premium service had a 3D movie option in the On-Demand menu, as did HBO. Last year, the 3D option disappeared from Starz.
Last April, Verizon in our area was taken over by Frontier Communications. Since that switchover, the 3D option in HBO disappeared as well.

Does anyone know if both Starz and HBO dropped 3D, or is this just specific to my TV provider? Google searches have come up empty for me.
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HBO on comcast has 3d
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I had ATT Uverse that was taken over by Frontier Starz 3D disapeared, don't know about HBO as I was unsubscribed but assume the same. Frontier had many issues but most were resolved but don't expect any 3D from Frontier. I have since cut the cord as for TV but still have frontier for my Internet provider and am happy with it.

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I've been trying to get to the bottom of this for months. FIOS was clueless so I reached out to HBO a while back and here is their reply

"Programs that are listed on the schedule at should be available to you. Our signal gets sent out nationwide and individual providers receive it. If your cable provider had difficulty receiving the transmission, they need to contact HBO's communication center in New York. You can report this to your provider by calling their Customer Care line and asking to speak with a supervisor (the first line of customer service will not be able to help with this issue). If you still cannot view the listed programs, please call HBO’s Consumer Affairs Hotline at (212) 512-1208 for further assistance. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused."

I did speak with a CC supervisor and he knew nothing as well but promised to "escalate the issue. That was back in April and these was never any reply from FIOS.

So what can we do? Two the provided consumer affairs number. Also, it might be a good idea (since we know HBO is providing them the programming) to contact FIOS and demand financial credit, at the very least. Hitting them in the pocketbook is usually a good way to get them to pay attention. I plan on doing both this week and others should as well. We are paying for HBO and are entitled to what they are sending the provider. Otherwise, we can always switch to Comcast (or whoever). And they sure as hell hate that!
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