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smack518's Avatar smack518 10:56 AM 09-11-2013
I have a slim PS3 running the latest firmware, a Panasonic st50 TV and a Pioneer VSX-21 AVR.

All my components route via hdmi through the AVR.

I am able to use comcast on demand to view 3d content, however when I tried playing Star Trek Into Darkness (3d disc) I get a few seconds of a 2d spinning star trek logo then the screen goes blank and moments later I get the tv error message saying it is not receiving a signal. Further the PS3 seems to lockup to a certain degree. I'm able to eject the disk, but even when I switch inputs and go back to the ps3 its still no signal. I also cannot power down via remote, I need to manually power off the ps3, then when it comes back I'm able to view the xmb screen.

I have run the hdmi setup on the ps3 and it does recognize that my display is 3d capable, so I would imagine that means my hdmi cable to sufficient. And again, I'm able to view comcast 3d content which is also routed through the AVR.

Does anyone have any help they can offer me?

I have put the 3d disk in a non-3d blu-ray player just to check, and I get a blue screen saying the disc requires a 3d capable player, so it seems like the disc at lease has content (though it is remarkably translucent).

Thanks in advance!

smack518's Avatar smack518 11:01 AM 09-11-2013
One thing I should mention, when I run the hdmi setup on the ps3, it initially thinks my display is 50 inches, which I adjust to the correct size of 55.
Jedi2016's Avatar Jedi2016 07:15 PM 09-11-2013
Where is the Comcast signal coming from? Is it routing through the AVR as well from another outside source?

Offhand, I'd say the problem is the AVR, not properly recognizing the 3D input signal from the Playstation. Can you play other 3D content through the PS3, like games or Netflix?
smack518's Avatar smack518 08:42 PM 09-11-2013
The Comcast 3d content is coming from my DVr box which is connected to the avr, then the tv. With Comcast Internet I cannot get Netflix in 3d so no way to test that. Unfortunately this is the only 3d title I own. Looking to see if there's a demo in the playstation store.
smack518's Avatar smack518 08:53 PM 09-11-2013
I can't seem to find anything else to try streaming on the ps3 that is in 3d. Neither Netflix or amazon streaming provides 3d.
TonyDP's Avatar TonyDP 04:30 AM 09-12-2013
Download the Vudu app on the PS3. Vudu has a large library of 3D movies and you can sample the first couple of minutes of each one for free even if you do not have an account with the service.
smack518's Avatar smack518 06:53 AM 09-12-2013
I'll try that when I get home. I'm wondering if there's any reason people can think of that could be causing this given that both comcast and the PS3 are being routed to the TV through the AVR via hdmi then via a single hdmi cable from AVR to TV.
Jedi2016's Avatar Jedi2016 04:41 PM 09-12-2013
It's probably going to be a communication issue of some kind. Obviously your PS3 sees that it's connected to something 3D-capable, otherwise it wouldn't even enable the feature. But your AVR may not be able to properly recognize that the PS3 is 3D capable, so it's balking at the data it's being sent.

There are some 3D game demos on the PSN store, you could try those. Super Stardust HD is a good one. That will at least tell you if it's the PS3 having a problem with the Blu-ray specifically, or whether the AVR is rejecting all 3D content sent from the PS3.

In the interest of troubleshooting, it might not hurt to temporarily run the PS3 straight to the TV. Try the HDMI port that the AVR is using, and try a different port, see if there's an issue with the port. One of the ports on my old Westinghouse TV didn't work with PS3, but the other one did. Worth checking out. Try all kinds of configurations, and keep track of where the problem goes. Does it follow the PS3, or stay with the AVR? Does it only happen on that one port, or on all of them? Troubleshooting is all about gathering information, and the answer eventually presents itself.
smack518's Avatar smack518 05:50 PM 09-12-2013
TonyDP, I did as you suggested and downloaded the vudu app. 3d worked perfectly on a wonderfully cheesy nic cage trailer. Does that mean the disc itself is damaged?
smack518's Avatar smack518 06:03 PM 09-12-2013
Or, Jedi, is it still worth moving cables around? Seems like if the ps3 can provide 3d from vudu it's not the port or cable. But I am far from an expert.
Jedi2016's Avatar Jedi2016 06:15 PM 09-12-2013
Hm. There might be a couple other factors at play, but that for sure does prove the AVR can identify the PS3 correctly as a 3D device. At this point, I'd skip the heavy lifting and try a different disc if you can get your hands on one. Either another copy of that film, or a different film entirely.

I'm assuming it plays regular 2D Blu-rays okay?
smack518's Avatar smack518 06:18 PM 09-12-2013
Plays regular blurays beautifully. Ill see if anyone has a 3d movie I can borrow.
smack518's Avatar smack518 06:24 PM 09-12-2013
Is there any possibility it's something other than a faulty disc? If not ill just go ahead and get amazon to exchange it.
GalvatronType_R's Avatar GalvatronType_R 09:52 PM 09-12-2013
Try resetting the display settings. My receiver, while compatible with 3D 1.4, cannot pass the 3D setup signal from the PS3 when i do the auto display settings setup from the XMB. I always have to unplug the PS3's HDMI from the receiver directly to my TV and projector to setup 3D.

So try unplugging from the received, plug the PS3 directly into the display, run the automatic display settings from the XMB, and then it should choose the correct resolutions as well as turn on 3D and ask how big your display is.
TonyDP's Avatar TonyDP 04:37 AM 09-13-2013
If you're getting a 3d image thru Vudu then the problem is most likely either with the disc or the ps3's Blu ray drive. As such I suggest trying to either get another 3d Blu ray disc or try playing your current disc in another ps3 or 3D Blu ray player.
rupterr's Avatar rupterr 06:16 AM 09-13-2013
I don't think the vsr-21 is 3d compatible, that's why you are having this issue. The PS3 will not play 3d movies going thru a hdmi 1.3 avr. You can plug the PS3 directly into your tv's hdmi port bypassing the avr to confirm. Playing 3d games and watching 3d content via comcast box or vudu app on the ps3 will work.
smack518's Avatar smack518 06:31 AM 09-13-2013

Can you explain a little further why VUDU on the PS3 or Comcast through the AVR, would work, but not blu-ray discs? It seems like its all 3d content, and given the PS3 recognizes my display as 3D through the AVR it shouldn't be an issue. I guess my question is why would it pass 3d content from one PS3 source but not another, or from another source entirely all of which are connected through the AVR.

rupterr's Avatar rupterr 06:45 AM 09-13-2013
It seems streaming 3d content via an app or cable box will pass thru some hdmi 1.3 avr's for some reason, and I don't know exactly why. It must have something to do with how 3d is handled in games and streaming. 3d movies somehow work differently.

I went thru your exact issue with my setup. If you try to play a 3d movie on the ps3 it will lock up after a few seconds. I can 3d game and watch 3d streaming on the ps3 with no issues while connected thru my 1.3 hdmi avr, but 3d movies will not work.

You should bypass your avr with the ps3 to confirm all of this. After connecting the the ps3 directly to your tv hold the ps3 power button and wait for 3 beeps to reset the ps3 picture settings.
rupterr's Avatar rupterr 06:35 AM 09-14-2013
Smack, read this thread in the link below. It should help to explain why some 3d sources will work thru your avr and some will not. It seems that BD's iso's are dual 1080p streams. What I don't understand is that the PS3 is a 1.3 device and it can pass this dual stream. Why can't a 1.3 hdmi avr do it?

pr0xZen's Avatar pr0xZen 07:03 PM 05-04-2014
The PS3 has a proprietary firmware written for this specific purpose. Its out of spec, but they got it to work. Given that its a "tightly closed system", Sony can pull a lot of strings.

I think the different results are down to resolution/bitrate. 3D games, afaik, is limited to 720p. 3D Blu-Rays do 1080p. It might be a case of the AVR accepting the 720p signal due to the fact that its just passing it on as 2D, and the TV does the rest. A 720p 3D stream is still smaller than a 1080p 2D stream. The moment it gets a genuine Blu-Ray 3D stream @ 1080p, the stream is simply too large for the AVRs HDMI 1.3 capacities.
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