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thelavenders's Avatar thelavenders 06:43 PM 07-21-2012
I have searched high and low for a solution for this. Sadly, I found one about 6 months ago and failed to bookmark it. One of those, OMG I found the answer but I was too excited to save it moments.

I have an LG NB3520A Soundbar hooked up to an LG 55LM7600. What I am trying to do is program the DirecTV remote to control the soundbar for volume +/- and mute. I am also trying to have it turn the TV on and off along with the DirecTV box.

Like I said, I had this working previously. None of the LG codes DirecTV provides work. Ive been reading that LG Audio Equipment codes tend to work differently than Soundbar codes.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be very much appreciated.



So in case anyone else searches for this, here is what I did.

To reset all the functions of the remote control to the factory defaults (the original, out-of-the-box settings), follow these steps:
1. Press and hold the MUTE and SELECT keys at the same time until the green light flashes twice, then release both keys.
2. Using the number keys, enter 9-8-1. (The green light flashes 4 times.)

1. Flip to TV setting
2. Program remote for TV

1. Flip to AV2
2. Program remote for Audio Equipment

To Lock Volume to AV1, AV2 or TV
1. Move the slide switch to AV2 to lock the volume.
2. Press and hold the MUTE and SELECT keys until the green light under the AV2 switch flashes twice and release both keys.
3. Using the number keys, enter 9-9-3 (the green light will flash twice).
4. Press and release the SELECT key (the green light will flash twice).

To control you AV2 device while on DTV setting
1. Move the slide switch to the DirecTV setting / icon to control your DirecTV receiver
2. Press Volume up or Volume down. The volume on your audio device should change while still on the DTV switch setting.

What is sad about this is that the DirecTV customer service rep couldnt tell me how to do this, yet all of these steps were found in the RC65 remote manual.

thelavenders's Avatar thelavenders 06:44 PM 07-24-2012
Small update

So I have the DirecTV remote working on AV2 with the Sound bar. I figured out how to lock the volume to the AV2 setting. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get this to work again while its just on the DirecTV setting.

kdins31 01:47 PM 08-02-2012
Here's how:
1- Turn off volume lock in DTv: Menu > Settings & Help > Settings > Remote Control > Program Remote > Advanced > Volume Lock > Disable Volume Lock. Follow instructions, pointing remote at DTv receiver. Once disabled, go back to Program Remote menu.
2- Add LG Audio: hit Setup AV1 > Audio Equipment > enter LG on keypad then enter on highlighted "LG" in menu > enter on "I don't know my model" > OK > point remote at DTv receiver. It should successfully find code after 10 seconds and "LG Audio" will now be next to "Change AV1" in Program Remote menu.
3 - Volume Lock on LG sound bar: in Program Remote menu hit Advanced > Volume Lock > click on "AV1 AUDIO LG" > OK > point remote at DTv receiver.

This should do it. Make sure you disable tv speakers via tv audio menu. Also, this will not power on/off the sound bar via DTv remote.. so just turn on the "Auto Power" via the sound bar's remote.. this way the bar will turn off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. It will automatically turn on however when you power up Directv.
panfish4's Avatar panfish4 06:07 PM 09-02-2013
Thank you, thank you, thank you, worked like a charm. Actually I programmed with the NB3530A.
ken325i's Avatar ken325i 02:22 PM 09-08-2013
Yes! worked perfect for me, 2!! nb3530a volume now controlled by the direct tv rc65x remote!! THANK YOU!!

irod87's Avatar irod87 01:59 PM 12-31-2014
I have an LG NB3530A soundbar im trying to get to work with an RC66X DTV remote but none of the codes for LG Audio seem to work. Any tips?
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