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hardwired's Avatar hardwired 11:06 PM 11-20-2012
Looking to get a router for speaker building and was thinking DeWalt, Bosch, or Ridgid 2+HP model.

However I saw this Bluehawk set with a table in store at Lowes with a new lower price under one bill. Anyone have experience with this router and BluHawk which appears to be a Lowes brand?|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_avg_rating%7C1&facetInfo=New Lower Price

If its junk then I'll look for on sale on BF, but if it gets the job done then I'll try the Bluehawk.
Whats the concensus on having a router table?

mobeer4don's Avatar mobeer4don 05:40 AM 11-21-2012
Will the "industry standard" Porter-Cable attachments (bases, base plates, guide bushings, and so on) fit? If not, you may be limited with what you can do with it.

A router table is really nice to have. I have one that attaches to my table saw rather than a bench-top style.
nograveconcern's Avatar nograveconcern 06:31 AM 11-21-2012
I would (did) spend my $100 on this instead:

A router table would be nice to have, but not necessarily for speaker building. Cheap router tables tend to give poor results as well. It may be that this one is good though.

For speaker cutouts and edge round-overs I much prefer a fixed base router. Skil is owned by Bosch and this set shares many of the same features as the Bosch set that is double the price except that it's MIC, just like every other brand except Bosch.
mantha3's Avatar mantha3 10:31 AM 11-21-2012
I prefer a plunger head base for some steps...

I like BOSCH cause I have one and it has been good to me for years. I got one with both the fixed and plunger head that can run a 1/4" or 1/2" router bit. run 1/2" router bits if you have the option between the two sizes. I used a Jasper Jig with the plunger head for the circles.... The plunger head ensures the 1/4" spiral bit goes straight into the face of the baffle.

I like to run a fixed base on the baffle when I've attached it to the speaker. I cut the baffle 1/8" or so bigger then needed. I center the baffle on the speaker and then have a bit of the baffle edge extending beyond the speaker box. I run a flush cut router bit to get things nice. I then do another pass with a round over bit. Both the round over bit and the flush cut bit have nice bearings on on the tip to keep things flush.
jjim bates's Avatar jjim bates 02:31 PM 11-29-2012
I recently purchased the blue hawk router combo...It gets the job done for the price.. but seen some issues like the router fence is plastic and you will need to measure and remeasure you job..
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