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Hello to all!

I have been trolling boards from here to hell and back trying to find a resolution to my HDMI Audio connection troubles. I will try to be as brief as humanly possible, but it's a long, drawn out story...

Our story begins sometime in the middle ages, whe... Ok, maybe not that drawn out. My basic setup looks like this:

LG 55LS7600 - 55" LED 3D Television, 240hz Refresh
YMH RX-V671 - Yamaha Receiver with various other things connected to it via HDMI (they aren't important to the story, so ONWARD!)
HTPC - Older AMD Phenom Processor running on a Gigabyte Motherboard, 8GB RAM, (Coincidentally has Realtek onboard audio that has been disabled in BIOS)

ARC is enabled on the TV and the Receiver, HDMI cable is plugged into the ARC HDMI socket (HDMI 1) on the TV itself. I don't really know what that means, but it was one of the many, many... oh so stinking many... threads that I have read.

The PC is connected to the receiver with a newly purchased HDMI Detective+ in between, via HDMI of course, by way of a Sapphire Radeon HD 6950, 2GB version. The receiver is connected to the TV by HDMI, and all is right with the world with the exception of the audio feed coming from the PC. Video makes it to the television just fine, but the audio drivers are giving me fits.

What I have done:
1.) After reading a million different forums, I went to Realtek's website and found the AMD High definition Audio Drivers, downloaded and installed them. Upon installation, I am prompted to reboot, which I do, and when windows 8 Pro, 64-bit, boots back up, I have no audio devices installed. Period. The only way to alleviate this is to repeatedly uninstall the Radeon HD VIDEO driver and then scan for new hardware. Eventually, an unknown audio device will pop up, and Windows will promptly install the best driver that Windows has, which doesn't work at all. Try installing the Realtek R2.70 software again, rinse and repeat.
2.) I have tried several older versions of Catalyst to see if the older audio drivers would work instead. They don't.

What I know:
1.) Inexplicably, the R2.70 drivers will install correctly without requiring a reboot and the sound works perfectly. So, I know that the R2.70 software package contains the driver that I need.
2.) I know that the audio drivers contained in the ATI Catalyst Control Center packages do NOT work. I get very digitized sound, if it works at all.
3.) I know that at various times, the R2.70 package will install an audio device labeled as "ATI HDMI Audio" or "AMD HDMI Audio", and neither of those are correct either.
4.) The correct driver from the R2.70 package installs as "Realtek HDMI Audio" (or something very close to that, in all cases here and above).
5.) As simple as it sounds to find the right driver, there are probably ~500 drivers in the R2.70 package, and most of them are called the exact same thing.

What I don't know:
1.) Why I lose the audio device upon reboot, even with the HDMI Detective in line behind the PC and before the receiver...
2.) Which friggin driver .inf file I need to pick to find the appropriate installation...
3.) Why Windows wants to install drivers that CLEARLY don't work with the hardware.
4.) Why hot dogs come in packs of 10, and hot dog buns come in packs of 8.
5. If it was the buns in 10's, and the hot dogs in 8's...

What it is NOT:
1.) It isn't the "Not plugged in" issue that so many people seem to have. There are absolutely no devices listed in the "Playback" tab of the sound panel.
2.) It isn't the hardware. I have actually had this setup running correctly a few times, though admittedly I stumbled into it like a blind squirrel finding an acorn. Once I changed HDMI inputs on the receiver or powered down the PC, it would not work correctly again until I screwed around with it for a few more days.

I hope that someone here has already dealt with these demons and can help me out. I am at that calm part of crazy now, where you decide that "there's more than one way to skin a cat" reasonably allows you to go the pet store and pick up some new knives on the way home... I kid, really...

Thanks for any and all help!

***Oh! One last thing... This is a long shot, but anyone who has a Radeon HD setup that is working, if you can just go into Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Sound, Video, and Game Controllers -> Right Click on "Realtek HDMI Audio" -> click "properties" -> "Driver" tab -> "Driver Details", and then list the driver file locations listed, I might be able to manually install from there.
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It's a shame no one has addressed your issue because I'm having the same exact issue!!!! Help!!!!!
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If you are out of ports on your receiver then buy a hdmi switch.

Trying to get ARC to work correctly in the way defined above is not worth the trouble since it doesn't support hd audio and in some cases only supports 2-channel.

Save yourself the grief and spend $40 or less on a switch. If you are too cheap to buy a switch then connect from your sound card with toslink, digital coax or analog connections to your receiver.
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I am running a RX-V771 and a Radeon 6970 which is very similar to yours. I have used this setup under Windows 7 and now Windows 8.
Before you start, update the receiver to the latest firmware if not done already. The 671 has a network port like the 771, see the manual on how to update over the network.

1) Get rid of the anything between the videocard and the receiver, just use videocard > hdmi cable > receiver
2) uninstall all audio and video drivers on your system, reboot, download and install the latest Catalyst drivers for your system, reboot again.
3) in device management you should now see the sound card as "AMD High Definition Audio Device" . If you installed Catalyst 13.5, the driver version should be
4) In windows sound config you should now see "AMD HDMI Output", set this as your preferred device.

The AMD 6xxx series cannot output sound through HDMI without video. But this is not a problem for you since you have the TV connected to your receiver and set the HDMI output as your monitor. Turn on the receiver before you turn on the PC. The receiver will change the sound part of the EDID sent to the PC, if it is turned off it will pass through the EDID info of the TV. Windows will jump to the next preferred device if you don't or only give you stereo support. The TV also needs to be plugged in to the receiver and plugged into the wall. (it does not need to be powered up but the receiver needs to do handshaking with the TV before it can start handshaking with the computer)

Note that every time you switch inputs on the receiver it will break the HDMI link to the computer, when you switch back it will handshake again. If you ever attach multiple monitors and soundcards to the PC be aware of this and set the correct preferred devices. (the on board audio also counts but you disabled that in the BIOS)

In short just remember this order of turning things on:
1) TV powered up or in standby
2) turn on receiver
3) Turn on computer last

ARC is totally unrelated to this issue, ARC only serves to send sound from the TV to the receiver. (When you put a USB flash drive into the TV or use its onboard tuner for example.)

Contrary to what you may have read elsewhere you do not need any special cables or converters, you have the needed hardware. You also do not need any other drivers or software except the Catalyst drivers from AMD.
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