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ED8DY555's Avatar ED8DY555 08:24 AM 11-30-2012
:confused:Ive borrowed a Playstation 3 from my friend but my tv doesnt have a hdmi input... Ive tried using the Playstation 2 av cable but it doesnt work, no picture shows, nothing!!! ive done the cable regonized method of holding the power button till the beeps but still nothing happens. PLEASE!!!!!! can anyone help me i want to play Skyrim and MW3 sooooooo bad help.

eclipz's Avatar eclipz 09:01 AM 11-30-2012
The PS2 audio/video cable should work fin with the PS3. Make sure the TV is on the right input.
sitlet's Avatar sitlet 09:44 AM 11-30-2012
And make sure the ps3 is set to output to the av cable in the video settings.
jayoldschool's Avatar jayoldschool 02:46 PM 11-30-2012
Yes, the PS3 works with the PS2 cable. Hold the power button until it beeps, BUT, KEEP HOLDING IT until it BEEPS AGAIN. This will reset the video output.
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