Focal Introduces New 100 Series & 300 Series Custom Install Speakers at ISE 2018

300 IWLCR6 Speaker at ISE 2018

French speaker maker Focal is using ISE 2018 in Amsterdam to introduce its new entry level 100 Series custom-install speakers as well as new additions to its mid-tier 300 Series speakers.

Focal says that custom integration has “become an important area of development” for the company. According to the press release, key concepts in the development of the speakers include that they be suitable for every room in the house, suitable for rooms of different sizes, and suitable for multiple uses including sound systems and home cinemas.

100 Series

The new 100 Series consists of several models of coaxial speakers. Three are usable in either in-wall or in-ceiling applications: the 100 ICW5, 100 ICW6 and 100 ICW8. There’s also one coaxial in-ceiling stereo loudspeaker, the 100 IC6ST, one in-ceiling loudspeaker, the 100 IC LCR5, and two models designed exclusively for in-wall applications: the 100 IW6 and 100 IWLCR5.

These speakers all feature polyglass woofers and inverted-dome tweeters. Focal says the crossovers of the in-ceiling models provides improved off-axis performance versus similar products.

Focal touts features such as a unibody chassis and frameless round or sqaure magnetic grills, plus ease of installation thanks to a shallow mounting depth.

A three-position switch lets you tailor high-frequency response with -3dB, 0dB, and +3 dB settings. Plus, the 100 IW6 and the 100 IWLCR5 also let you tune the midrange with an additional switch that offers a -2 dB, 0 dB, +2 dB adjustment.

Back boxes for these news speakers will be sold separately and availability is expected in February 2018.

300 Series

In addition to the new 100 Series, Focal is adding three new models to its 300 Series of CI speakers. The new models are the 300 ICLCR5, which has a “channel selector” that optimizes directivity for the main listen position in a home cinema.

The new 300 CLCR5 is a dedicated in-ceiling speaker that has an adjustable (pivoting) tweeter, so you can aim the directional high-frequency sound at the optimal listening position.

And at the top of the 300 Series range is the IWLCR6, which features a rotatable midrange and tweeter section. This allows each IWLCR6 speaker in a system to be optimized for left, center and right-channel positions. Focal promises this speaker delivers “exceptional sound quality, a very high SPL and deep bass.”

Focal makes the 300 Series in France and these speakers feature technologies such as flax cone mid/bass drivers and aluminum-magnesium inverted-dome tweeters. Additionally, the 300 series speakers utilize Focal’s patented EQI (easy quick install) tool-free installation system. A pre-mounting kit and fire-rated back-boxes are available separately for the 300 Series, and these new speakers will be available in May of 2018.

Finally, in the press release announcing the 100 Series and 300 Series speaker news, Focal says that it plans to add outdoor speakers, a new sub, and a new amp to its range-topping Electra line.

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