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Master Checkers - All of us favorite checkers. The game is played to the sound of a pleasant oriental melody. A computer player's intelligence is quite high

You can only move one piece one move forward diagonally, and you cannot move the pieces in the opposite direction. Have fun!

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Spanish checkers

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They play on a board rotated 90 degrees. Board: 8x8; The number of players checkers: 12; Location: first 3 rows on the b ...

Exit (Checkers)

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English or American checkers. Board: 8x8; The number of players checkers: 12; Location: first 3 rows; Beat: Obi ...

International (stock) checkers

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The most common rules in Europe. Board: 10x10; The number of players checkers: 20; Location: first 4 rows ...

Two way checkers

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The rules of the game in two-way checkers are presented on the materials of the book of Alexander Pavlovich 60 drafts games. Two-way checkers on ...

Столбовые шашки Саргина

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Differences of pillar drafts Sargin from Russian drafts: one). taking a checker is put on the field according to the rules of Russian checkers, and the knocked down becoming ...


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Senet, (eng. Senet, rarely senat) is an ancient Egyptian board game. The oldest known checker game (about 3

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Best game:

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Chinese checkers

Chinese checkers - Ancient as the world, the Chinese puzzle game is now on your computer! Enjoy!

Video lesson:

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Gonyayev bayonet

One of the options for building a bayonet Gonyaeva to catch one lady against three.

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Trojan horse

The war of the Greeks with Troy was very hard. Greek warriors could not break the resistance of the enemy and penetrate beyond the station ... To read...

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Checkers - Egyptian joy

The main joy of the poor peasants and slaves was beer and game. Beer was not drunk alone, it was decided to gather big to ... To read...

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Stavropol checkers

Stavropol checkers are now very popular among residents of large cities. Playing them is much more difficult, but also more interesting. Etc... To read...

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Russian checkers

The game is played on a standard chessboard (8x8) rotated so that the cage (field) is black on the left of the player ... To read...