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Chinese checkers - Ancient as the world Chinese puzzle game is now on your computer! Enjoy!

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Types and rules of the game of checkers

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The game of checkers only seems simple and uncomplicated at first sight. But it is not. There are none, not even two options ...

Belarusian checkers

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Belarusian drafts came up with E. Ruban from Grodno. The game is played according to the rules of the Russian drafts, but in white and black fields.


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Senet, (eng. Senet, rarely senat) is an ancient Egyptian board game. The oldest known checker game (about 3

Babylonian (Persian) checkers

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The Babylonian (Persian) checkers differ from the Russian checkers by the following rules: one). Simple checkers and queens hit diagonally, ...

Dureis Checkers (Tribunes)

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A double set of checkers is required to play Dureis checkers (tribunes). Purpose of the game: to deprive the opponent of moves, beating, or locking him ...

Decembrists Checkers

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According to the memoirs of Ivan Prischepy, a former serf of the Chernigov province, brought by N.M. Muravyov to the estate, in the house of the owner ...

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The traditional checkers game

The traditional checkers game - Simple checkers with two game modes.

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Gonyayev bayonet

One of the options for building a bayonet Gonyaeva to catch one lady against three.

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Shashki, a sport, a board game between two rivals with special round chips (which are also called shashka ... To read...

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Checkers - sport or entertainment?

Such a sport as checkers is a board game for two opponents. Checkers are a sport that does not require ... To read...

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Move, take, simple checkers and queens

Begin the game white. The rivals take turns making turns, moving one or another of their chips diagonally to an unoccupied dark field. ... To read...

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List of debuts (Russian drafts)

This list describes debuts in the Russian checkers game. Debut may be included in this list, if there are reputable sources ... To read...