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This is a cool online checkers game that will test your intelligence and take you for a while. You will play against the computer or against a friend, to eliminate the enemy pieces. You can only move one piece one move forward diagonally, and you cannot move the pieces in the opposite direction. Have fun!

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Italian checkers is one type of checker that is very similar to English checkers. Spreading Italian Shash ...

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About the game International Checkers (100-Checkers) is a two-player board strategy game played on square ...

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Pillar checkers or towers, is an old Russian variety of drafts game. The first mention of it is found in the domestic ...

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About the game Stavropol Pillar Drafts is a variant of a checker game with practically the same rules as in Stolbovy Drafts ...

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Chapaev - Russian soul was waiting for this game, like mana from heaven! Finally, the game that we learned before checkers and chess, now ...

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Petrov triangle

With three queens, catching one is very easy, if the high road belongs to the strongest side. Otherwise - a draw ...

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Despite its seeming simplicity, the game of checkers is quite complicated and unpredictable. Any move opens up a lot of new ... To read...

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The benefits of a game like Russian checkers

A life in which there is no game becomes fresh, boring, monotonous. From the first birthday of a person surrounded by him ... To read...

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Determined by the competition regulations. In competitions in Russian drafts, the following systems are commonly used: 45 minutes on pa ... To read...

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List of checkers terms

List of terms used in the game of checkers.   * attack offensive actions (a series of moves) in a game, the most decisive ... To read...