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Chapaev - Russian soul was waiting for this game, like mana from heaven! Finally, the game that we learned before checkers and chess is now in Flash!

Have fun!

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Turkish Checkers

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Turkish checkers is one of the varieties of the game of checkers, a characteristic feature of which, unlike most variants of checkers ...

Checkers of the People's Will

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The game is conducted according to the rules of Russian checkers. Sophia Perovskaya came up with them. In the summer of 1873 in Tver, Sonia passed the exams and received ...

Free checkers

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The game of chess for many people causes confusion or even fear, as it is often incomprehensible. To overcome this with ...

Checkers Reverse

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One of the main features of drafts games is a ban on moves backwards. In various game variants, checkers can move forward, on a diagonal ...

Turkish Checkers

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Turkish checkers is one of the variants of the game of checkers. The main distinguishing characteristic of Turkish checkers from most other ...

Клешни или краббы (Pliers)

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Differences from the Russians: a checker is taken when two enemy checkers fit diagonally on any side of it, ...

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Checkers of Aliace in Wonderland

Checkers of Aliace in Wonderland - 3D - checkers in the style of Alice in Wonderland. Pleasant music. Not really...

Video lesson:

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How to make a "dead end"

This video shows one of the combinations of moves, as all the checkers get into a "dead end" that they have nowhere to go. Single moves ...

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Checkers: tournament

Checkers as an exciting and reasonably useful game for the mind on the territory of the Russian Empire, were still appreciated at the end of the post ... To read...

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History of drafts in Russia

The first sources about the game of checkers found in the territory of Russia, when archaeologists discovered in the layers of the earth, checkers from the horns, yan ... To read...

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Solution etude

Any newcomer starting to solve etudes must know and be fluent in normal endings of the game. However, to know the standard ... To read...

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Russian checkers

The game is played on a standard chessboard (8x8) rotated so that the cage (field) is black on the left of the player ... To read...