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Big shot checkers - Colorful checkers with changes to the rules. You will lose if the checker with the character of the opponent becomes a woman.


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Old Russian checkers

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The tribes of the Russians played on a 64-cell board. Checkers were placed on the white fields. They played by the rules of Russian checkers. Initial ...

Turkish Checkers

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Spanish checkers

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Spanish checkers are different from Russian checkers by their initial location: a large road passes from the upper left to the lower right ...

How to play backgamon?

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According to one of the legends, the most exciting game of backgammon was invented by the adviser of the Persian king Khosrov I Anushirvan from the dynasty of Sa ...

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Armenian checkers (tama) is one of the varieties of the game of checkers, a characteristic feature of which, unlike most, is ...

International (100-cell) checkers

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The most common of checkers games. At first it was known as the "French checkers". Besides France, it was cultivated before ...

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Master Checkers - All of us favorite checkers. The game is played to the sound of a pleasant oriental melody. And the intellect of the computer ...

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Gonyayev bayonet

One of the options for building a bayonet Gonyaeva to catch one lady against three.

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Tales of checkers and checkers

In 2001, a checkers championship of Ukraine was held in Vinnitsa. In the second round, Valera Grebenkin unexpectedly grossly mistaken and ... To read...

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Characterization of moves in drafts

Probably, the board game from the Soviet times is familiar to many - Shashki Chapaev, which is named after you well-known ... To read...

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English checkers (Checkers)

Rules of the game The rules of the game checkers (English checkers) are presented on the materials of the book of Alexander Pavlovich 60 checkers games ... To read...