Black Friday 2017 AV Deals

black friday

Thanksgiving is upon us—time to stuff our faces with turkey and all the trimmings. Then, as we loosen our belts, it’s time to stuff our homes with audio/video gear during the annual shopping frenzy known as Black Friday. I have scoured quite a few Black Friday offers, and I found some sweet deals on TVs and other goodies that are sure to please any AV geek on your list—including yourself!

Most of these deals are effective through Cyber Monday (11/27), so get ready to savor some of the best bargains of the year!


LG is offering most of its lineup of 2017 OLED TVs at some serious discounts. They all use the same OLED panels and have the same basic feature set, which is extensive. The only real difference between the model lines is cosmetic. I’m especially excited to see the 55B7 at $1500, which brings OLED into the realm of affordability to many more TV shoppers. The 65C7 received the online-shashki Forum Top Choice award.

Retailer Model Sale Price  MSRP   Savings  Discount
Various 55B7  $1,500  $2,300  $800 34.8%
Various 65B7  $2,300  $3,300  $1,000 30.3%
Various 55C7  $1,700  $3,000  $1,300 43.3%
Various 65C7  $2,700  $4,500  $1,800 40.0%
Various 55E7  $2,500  $4,000  $1,500 37.5%
Various 65E7  $3,500  $5,500  $2,000 36.4%
Various 77G7  $10,000  $15,000  $5,000 33.3%
Various 65W7  $7,000  $8,000  $1,000 12.5%


Vizio has placed many of its high-value FALD-LCD TVs on sale for Black Friday. The D55-E0 sports UHD resolution, but no HDR, while the E Series supports HDR10 but not Dolby Vision. The M and P Series support both HDR10 and Dolby Vision. My pick from this list is the P65-E1 for $1300, a savings of 35% for Vizio’s finest. The M65-E0 snagged an online-shashki Forum Recommended award.

Retailer Model Sale Price  MSRP   Savings  Discount
Walmart, Sam’s Club D55-E0  $400  $570  $170 29.8%
Various E65-E1  $750  $900  $150 16.7%
Various E70-E3  $1,000  $1,300  $300 23.1%
Various E75-E3  $1,500  $2,000  $500 25.0%
Various M50-E1  $500  $600  $100 16.7%
Various M55-E0  $600  $700  $100 14.3%
Various M65-E0  $1,000  $1,200  $200 16.7%
Costco M70-E3  $1,300  $2,000  $700 35.0%
Sam’s Club M75-E1  $1,798  $2,398  $600 25.0%
Costco P65-E1  $1,300  $2,000  $700 35.0%


Improve the sound of your TV with one of these soundbars. The Vizio SV3651-E6 offers a wireless subwoofer and surround speakers for under $150, and the sound quality is surprisingly good. The Samsung HW-MS650 garnered an online-shashki Forum Top Choice award.

Retailer Model Sale Price MSRP Savings Discount
Sam’s Club Vizio SB3651-E6 $146 $250 $54 27.0%
Newegg Yamaha YAS-203BL $150 $400 $250 62.5%
Samsung Samsung HW-MS650 $300 $500 $150 33.3%


I found several good 7.2-channel AV receivers on sale for Black Friday. The only one that is already compatible with Dolby Vision is the Pioneer Elite VSX-LX102, but I really like Denon AVRs, and the AVR-X2300W is almost 44% off at Newegg. All of these models are expecting a firmware update that will add Dolby Vision compatibility (except the VSX-LX102, which already has it).

Retailer Model Sale Price MSRP Savings Discount
Best Buy Onkyo TX-NR656 $250 $699 $449 64.2%
Best Buy Pioneer Elite VSX-LX102 $350 $499 $149 29.9%
Newegg Onkyo TX-RZ710 $449 $1,099 $650 59.1%
Newegg Denon AVR-X2300W $450 $799 $349 43.7%


Here are a few headphones I found in the Black Friday ads. I use the Bose QuietComfort 25 and PSB M4U 2 noise-canceling headphones for flying. The M4U 2 definitely sounds better, but the QC25 noise reduction is slightly better, and it’s lighter in weight. The HiFiMan planar-magnetic headphones sound exceptional, and the HE650 is a real steal at 44.5% off MSRP.

Retailer Model Sale Price MSRP Savings Discount
Dell Bose QC25 $180 $300 $120 40.0%
Amazon HiFiMan HE400i $249 $499 $250 50.1%
Amazon PSB M4U 2 $250 $299 $49 16.4%
Amazon Sennheiser HD 650 $315 $500 $185 37.0%
Amazon HiFiMan HE560 $499 $899 $400 44.5%

UHD Blu-ray Players

UHD Blu-ray players are quickly becoming a commodity item, just like Blu-ray players. Only the LG UP970 is expected to get a firmware update to add Dolby Vision, and that will only be for the onboard streaming apps.

Retailer Model Sale Price MSRP Savings Discount
Best Buy Samsung UBD-M7500 $118 $250 $132 52.8%
Various LG UP970 $150 $300 $150 50.0%
Walmart Samsung UBD-M8500 $140 $300 $160 53.3%


Streamers are so inexpensive to begin with, a special sale hardly matters. But hey, saving money is never a bad thing! All of these models support UHD and HDR10, and the Chromecast Ultra supports Dolby Vision as well. The Roku Premiere+ is a discontinued model, but at 50% off, it’s a great deal.

Retailer Model Sale Price MSRP Savings Discount
Walmart Roku Streaming Stick+ $48 $70 $22 31.4%
Best Buy Roku Premiere+ $50 $100 $50 50.0%
Best Buy Chromecast Ultra $54 $70 $16 22.9%

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony has reduced the price for a PlayStation 4 game console and PlayStation VR bundle by 33% for Black Friday. The VR bundle includes a VR headset, tracking camera, and a game title, but it does not include the game console.

Retailer Model Sale Price MSRP Savings Discount
Various PlayStation 4 $200 $300 $100 33.3%
Various PlayStation VR bundle $300 $450 $150 33.3%

I’m sure there are many more great deals at this time of year; in fact, online-shashki Forum members are notorious for finding them. Check out the Great Found Deals forum for more, or let us know what you’ve found in the comments for this article.

Happy shopping!